Welcome to the Druid Forest School
Learn the Runes or the Ogham.

Learn the ancient alphabets of the the Norse and Irish.
Have Vision Meeting with the Gods and the Goddesses of the Ancient Irish and Norse
Become a Shamanic Healer
Cross-refer to your Western and also your Vedic Astrology.
Combine Astrology Reading with Shamanic Healing.

The whole emphasis of the Druid Forest School is on identifying and shattering blocks which hold us back, and ‘concrete prisons in the mind’ that limit us: conditioning we need to leave behind, magical transformation we now need to make!!!

Michael Conneely has Irish ancestry on his mother’s side: Cashleen, Co Galway, Ireland,
plus Baltic Ancestry on his Father’s side: Danzig and before that Yakutsk: Arctic White Sea coast near Archangel.

It was these two spiritual traditions he was drawn to learn and then teach in these courses.

Michael works as a Western and Vedic Astrologer plus Shamanic Healer.

He has five university degrees on English, Psychology and Sociology, including and Oxford MA. He has completed a five-year university based ethnographic field study of the reception of spiritual forms new to the modern West, centered mainly on Glastonbury, England and encompassing receptions of Hinduism, Buddhism (Tibetan and Theravada), Paganism, Shamanism and Utopian Community.

He lives in the beautiful West of Ireland with his wife, Healer Maggie Pashley, and he runs Sacred West of Ireland Tours to the Sacred Sites.

Some of our courses

Gods of Ancient Irish

The Ogham

The Four Sacred Weapons

Mystical Energy Work

Festivals of the Ancient Irish

Past Life Journey

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The Druid Group


We are so very happy to announce that a Druid Group serving the North West of Ireland has been formed. It is actually part of OBOD, and it’s led by Tracey Jean Yappa (or Tatty to her friends). Our first ritual was for Samhain 2019. And following reduction in coronavirus restrictions, we are glad to hear from people interested in attending.

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