Meet the Great God, Odin – Michael Conneely’s Vision Course


Odin is the magnificent Warrior, Magician God of the ancient Norse people. Odin led the Norse Folk Northwards towards the Northern lands. During this great northward migration, he hung upside down in the World Tree Yggdrassil and he seized the Magic of the Runes.

As an important means of understanding the divine nature of Odin, the Indo-European root form of his name means inspired, raging, mad with ecstasy. To work with Odin is to become spiritually inspired.

Some of the tales of Odin are deeply metaphysical and sublime, and portray levels of emanation of the Divine into the realms of consciousness or matter. And some of the medieval representations of Odin are ignorant and insult him.

Our aim in this course is to Meet Odin in his many faces, to experience that he is indeed a gateway for us to connect to Source, to connect to the Divine Light, to become the Spiritual Warrior.

Odin Module 1: Become the Spiritual Warrior – Join the Einherjar

Odin Module 1 provides background information plus two audios. 

​You make a vision journey to meet Odin, to experience the Battlefield and to progress to truer realisation of the deeper meaning of the battlefields of our life. You progress to meet Odin – and The Norns. This module is profound and will benefit from several journeys.

You send me a report of each journey, often including art work or a poem. Changes in your life may be indicated. I respond to each report, also drawing on insights from your Western and Vedic Astrology. We walk this path together.

Further Modules Coming:

You can then go on to make additional purchase of further modules that are being developed, to deepen our connection to the Great God Odin.
​​​In due course, seven further modules will be offered for additional purchase to Meet The Great God Odin:

2. A ride on Sleipnir

3. Assume the High Seat

4. Seize the Magic of the Runes

5. Drink from the Well of Wisdo

6. Drink of the Mead of Poetry

7. The Slaying of Mimir

8. Odin, Freya and Seithr Magic

For details of how these vision courses to Meet the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Norse work, see my Gods and Goddesses of The Ancient Norse Page.

As we correspond about your course work, I refer to your astrology for guidance (both your Vedic Astrology and also your Western psychodynamic and Evolutionary Astrology).
​Please therefore email me telling me that you have enrolled, and also giving me your astrological natal data (place, date and time of birth, plus present location). Also tell me what email address you want to use for us to correspond about this course.

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