Meet The Dagda – The Druid Forest School Vision Course

There are two powerful and beautiful Modules available to ‘Meet The Dagda’ through this Course:

1. Dagda Red Eye: The Sun

2. Face The Dagda

The Dagda is such a source of power, love and beauty to have in your consciousness, in your life. He is the supreme Good God of the ancient Irish.
His energy is so generous; he has a cauldron of plenty.

This is a correspondence course. The correspondence is supportive and is backed up with reference to both your western and your Vedic astrology. This course is completely personal and individual to you. It is visionary and magical. The Course is Certificated.
The payment you make for the course includes one free online tutor support session, and you may book further on-line tutor support sessions at any point in the course for a small additional payment.

Can you approach this great being and tell him you deserve plenty? But he is also a warrior and he has a great club: one end of which give life, the other end gives death. And he is also a being of great harmony: the playing of his harp controls the unfoldment of the seasons all in correct time and date.

The Dagda is one of the great gods of the ancient Irish. Learn his power and magic. Thrive because of it. Internalise it. On this course, you can study the epics and hear how these great beings incarnated. They are Gods who had a special ideal for the purity of the land of Ireland, formed when the world was created, but sullied by the misrule of the Formorians. And so, when the Tuatha De Danaan came back to Ireland after the exile of their vast voyagings and magical learning, they had a mission to pursue: to restore the land. As the epics record, they were Gods of special skill and beauty. They conquered the Formorians. But, later, when the Milesians invaded Ireland, the Tuatha despaired of living according to their special skill and magic and they retreated to the Hollow Hills to wait until humanity was again ready to hear their special message. They retreated to the mounds and barrows, refusing to sully themselves any longer where they could not be appreciated. And now they wait until the time is right for their return. the human world did not appreciate their great energy nor their special skills.

However, with the coming of W B Yeats and Lady Gregory and others, and with the coming of the Celtic revival a hundred years ago, their divine beauty and qualities were seen once again, and now is the time to bring these great beings more fully into human appreciation.

Learn the true greatness of The Dagda. Learn the true meaning of his relationship with the great Goddess of the ancient Irish: The Morrigan, their ethical War Goddess. What is the meaning of the yearly mating of The Dagda and The Morrigan that the epics record occurs every Samhain astride the River Unshin? At the time of the Celtic revival a hundred years ago, their divine beauty and qualities were seen once again, and now is the time to bring these great beings more fully into human consciousness.

Gain a Clear Appearance and an intimate deep connection to this great and virile Lord of Sun Energy, magic, sexuality, Harvest, the plentiful Giver, He who holds the gift of Life or Death for you. He who upholds rightness and order as the Seasons turn, and the Sun is upheld in the Heavens.
The Dagda was one of the princi­pal Tuatha De Danaan Gods, and often their leader. The name means “Good God,”. The Dagda was also called Eochaid Ol- lathair (“Father of All”) maybe associated with Horseman, Ruad Rofhessa (“Lord of Great Knowledge”), and Deirgderc (“Red Eye [the Sun]”). He was called the Good God be­cause he was skilled in many areas: warrior, ruler, craftsman, magician. His caul­dron is a gift of plenty, it can restore the dead to life. It can restoring those who have Forgotten to the needed memory of who they are. It is capable of restoring the inert to new spiritual and physical living. It is also known as the Cauldron of Rebirth. Slain warriors would be cooked in the cauldron in the evening and by morning would jump out, hale and alive and ready to engage in battle. The Dagda’s cauldron was called Undry and it was bottomless; no man left it unsatisfied.
The Cauldron of The Dagda is akin to the later Grail: the ultimately precious Cup that is kept in Grail Castle, an otherworldly spiri­tual place, often very difficult to find.

How does this Course work?

You are sent the notes and audios for each module. You read the notes plus your own favourite reading, you do your vision audio journey and you send me your report. We then discuss your journey and also, we cross-refer to your Western and Vedic Astrology for insight.

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And as a very special bonus, at an extra charge, you have the additional option of a live face to face vision journey on Zoom, which cross-refer to your astrology. You can have as many as you like. People always find them magical, beautiful and empowering.

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I look forward to working with you.