Heather Charnley Sacred Sites and Places of Power COVERBook Review:

Heather Charnley Sacred Sites and Places of Power

This beautiful A4 size book shows off Heather Charnley’s exalted sacred earth spiritual art to such great advantage.

Imagine a breath-taking tour round forty of the sacred places of Britain, packed with detail, full of inspired messages and positively littered with sacred energy pictures revealing Heather Charnely’s penetrating energetic perception of each piece of sacred earth: Britain’s most ancient sacred places.

The astral energy depictions of each sacred place reach out to the reader from the page with such power you can feel the impact.

There’s even accounts of dreams, poems and archaeology as well. Spirits of place pervade the drawings. This book is beautiful – utterly exceptional and valuable.

New Edition: Paperback 15.7.2014 – available on Amazon: Including sacred sites within the United States.