Michael Conneely

I live in the utterly beautiful West of Ireland on the coast near to Sligo and Ireland’s most ancient Sacred Sites. I work with my wife, Maggie Pashley in our Healing Centre here.

I give Readings in both Western Psychodynamic and Evolutionary Astrologyalso including the vastness of Vedic Astrology, and also teach many courses in these. I have worked as a Shamanic Healer for 28 years. I teach the ancient alphabets of the Irish and the Norse: The Ogham and The Runes, and also courses with the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish and Norse. It is these two cultures that my heredity comes from: Irish on my mother’s side; Norse and Yakut on my father’s side.
Email me at: michaelconneely@gmail.com

I am pleased to be in a Druid Group here, and also teach Shamanic Healing

I am caring and dedicated and have five university degrees including an Oxford University MA and counselling and teaching qualifications. The subjects my university studies encompassed include English Language and Literature, Old Norse, Anglo-Saxon, Medieval Welsh, Psychology, Sociology, Counselling and Teaching, Ethnography and Social Anthropology. At Oxford, I was taught philology, Indo-European sound changes and Old Norse/The Runes by Christopher Tolkien, the son of JRR Tolkien. My Oxford MA focused on WB Yeats and TS Eliot as Harbingers for the New Age.

I also completed a five year social anthropological field study of spiritual forms new to the West.

My study areas were Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism and utopian communities. The method was Ethnography which involves living in the communities under study. These included a Hindu Ashram in South Wales, a Tibetan Buddhist Gompa, Theravada Buddhist communities in Glastonbury and Totnes, A Wicca and a Druid Clan of Danu Group, A Shamanic Community, A bender site near Glastonbury dedicated to ecological and minimalist living.

My spiritual studies include many, many courses in both Western and Vedic Astrology, Shamanism, the Druid Path, sound healing and other healing and spiritual modalities.

Maggie offers face to face healings in Sligo in the West of Ireland and also
heals worldwide.

Maggie offers a vast range of Healing modalities such as: Hypnotherapy,
past life regression, future life progression, soul realignment, pain free,
psy tap, stop smoking, EFT Tapping, Body Code, Emotion Code, Heartwall
Clearing – clearing blocks to love, Access Bars, Access Body Processes and
Metamorphic Touch.


Email: maggiepashley@gmail.com

Mobile: 0899799642 (+353 899799642)

Maggie Pashley