Learn the Ogham, the Mystical Energies of the Trees

Walk the Ogham Pathways with the Druid Forest School

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You are supported to find your own true path in these courses. They are not imposed. This is totally personal sacred exploration on your part – with all the support you need from me. Here are reports from my very able students of vision world connection to Quert: The Apple Tree:

It feel as if the apple grove, that sweet, heavy scented landscape swaying in the breeze, was lowly humming a lullaby. It talked of past battles, of overcome pains, of the redemptive quality that reach those who have dared to learn and cared not to suffer in exchange, and have gladly paid debts and broken all bondages. The trees stood together, holding and stretching their laden branches, as if hugging each other. The air carried along petals like a harmless snowstorm. The boughs held both blossoms and fully grown, crisp apples. There were no seasons, just a continuous flow of time suspended into eternity where abundance and decay coexisted in an ever revolving cycle.

I could feel presences dancing among the grove, in tune with the music. Presences that left a trail of the aroma of the blossoms that they stirred in their dance. As I leaned below a tree, a ripe apple felt directly on the palm of my hand. Such delight, such juiciness, what a delicate nectar, such generosity embodied in that humble fruit.

I feel grateful that I was able to reach the Apple grove and learn that energies cannot only be restored but are free from shortage. I will take this renewed joy along with me.

How does the Ogham Course work?

For each Ogham letter you receive an audio recording download with information about the letter and the relevant tree, any relevant spiritual weapon, pathway and beings, plus a second audiofile which is a guided meditation with opportunity for trance drumming and chanting and divination.

You can either use our drumming journey, or you can branch out from this and proceed to use your own drumming.

You then correspond with myself as guide, friend and counsellor as your personal spiritual and life-journey progresses, helped through the trees and mystical Celtic Otherworlds.

This correspondence is completely personal and individual to you. The Course is Certificated.

Importantly, each journey always starts (and ends) at your Divine Centre here on Middle Earth, which you learn to visualise.

You also receive maps showing the place of each Ogham pathway in the Celtic Cosmology: the pathway that each letter represents through the Celtic Otherworlds.

Thus, the course is not at all taught with any time-frame in mind. The goal is achieving excellence of the experience, excellence of connection, excellence of utterance, rather than any time table.

People are not advised to study more that an Ogham letter per week, though, as it definitely  takes time for the energy to assimilate with anyone – even in the most foundation way.

The first step is to establish your Divine Centre, your special place of being, where each journey will begin and end, so you start off with a sound file being sent to you to help you do this.

The order of study is that determined by pathways stretching out across the three worlds of ancient Irish cosmology.

In other words, you start with the Ogham tree letters for the four pathways that radiate out from your Divine Centre in the centre of this world, which was called Bith or ‘Middle Earth’.

But progressively you extend further and further outwards from your Divine Centre to the tree letters for the pathways leading to the realms of the Upper World (Magh Mor) and also the realms of the Lower World (Tir Andomain), and ultimately to the letters for journeying across the Upper World and the Lower World.

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I also read your western and Vedic astrology and bring insights from that into your ogham journey.

And you may like to visit or stay at our Healing Centre in the West of Ireland and do some Ogham work with us here. Just go to the website and see the utter loveliness of this ancient sacred landscape, its beaches, mountains and deeply sacred earth energies:

I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you,