Jera The Rune of Harvest – Raise the flag.

This is a photo of Jera the rune of Harvest hoisted as a flag over the kitchen garden of Frida Widlund who lives in Sweden.

At the time of lockdown and uncertainty, a lot of people are trying to be more self-sufficient, and this flag sets a tone of intention for Frida’s land.

You can buy Frida’s beautiful art of the Norse Gods and Goddesses through our rune-path website:

Frida is a Shamaness and healer, who also makes felted wool art and rugs for babies, children and adults. She lives in Sweden and Frida also offers health care yoga, pregnancy massage and healing massage therapy.

You can also learn the runes and bring the magical new dimensions of human life they offer into your life.
See our Runes Course:

Here’s one of Frida’s beautiful paintings of great goddess Freya: