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This page features the sacred art of Frida Widlund.

Frida’s paintings are for sale here on this web page

​This is Sacred Art of the great Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Norse.

Frida is a Shamaness and healer, who also makes felted wool art and rugs for babies, children and adults. She lives in Sweden and Frida also offers health care yoga, pregnancy massage and healing massage therapy.

Frida’s paintings of the Norse Gods and Goddesses have grown out of her runes and journey work to meet the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Norse, here with us at rune-path.

Frida’s Art is also powered by her shamanic trainings with Annika Zilliacus at Svenljunga that showed her the drum’s help to travel between the worlds, get in touch with the force and meet her power animals.

This was followed by shamanic training with Jonathan Horwitz, and Asbacka Skane, enabling her to access a power that spans eons of time and strengthen her love for nature. Shamanic methods that do it in a natural way, family knowledge stored in our cellular memory and DNA.

Frida is also currently writing a wonderful illustrated guidebook about the Runes that will be published in Swedish and English language.
Buy Frida Widlund’s Sacred Art here:

Frida Widlund’s wonderful illustrations are ideal for your wall or altar.

They are sold here in two formats:

1) There’s the Photo-satin prints which are a cheap alternative to art print, but have a good reproduction of the original image. Frida’s hand-drawn expression and art comes out nicely.

2) There’s the art print. It’s is more expensive, but gives the best reproduction of a picture in watercolour. Another advantage is that the paper is more durable over time and is perhaps something you choose if you want to give a picture as a gift to someone. All pictures sold here are in A4 format.

Art: The Norse Spirituality Art of Frida Widlund:

Pictures are in A4 size. Buy Frida Widlund’s Sacred Art here. Frida Widlund’s wonderful illustrations are ideal for your wall or altar.

Freya Mead Cup Bearer

​Freya Tree Spirit

Freya Mead Cup Bearer

Freya and Odr – Sun and Earth Summer Solstice

Power Animal of Great God, Odin

Hawk Power Animal


Mimir the First Being

Contact Frida:

email: maderakkan@gmail.com

See Freda Widlund’s beautiful and spiritually empowering Swedish website at:

Art Page:

Norse Gods Page

Norse Gods Illustrations for Sale Page

(Use Google Translator to view Frida’s website if you don’t speak Swedish)

And now, here are Frida’s Swedish website details, and then photos of Frida and her beloved wool mats, rugs and felts:

Each sheep mat is unique. They are available in different sizes, thicknesses, colors and shapes. Common is that curly furs from the Gotland sheep are used and with a back of carded wool from the fin wool sheep. Generally, it is much thicker than a traditional sheepskin. This makes it suitable for use on the floor. A child lies warm and safe on a trap on the floor. Keep in mind that an infant can easily roll down from a couch or bed for an unattended moment. Some are so long that you can have it as a mattress even as an adult, for example when you are camping. They are very beautiful to put their entire length in a sofa or on a bench.

Frida, Soul of Nature