At the Iron Age Irish Second Battle of Moytura, the Tuatha de Danaan, the People of Skill, the people of the Goddess Danu, overthrew the Forces of Darkness: the brutish Formorians. A group with the Druid Forest School Courses to meet the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Irish set out to find the site of the great battle. Enroll on the Course.

This January, the group of us climbed to the exalted mountain top where the second Moytura battle was fought, high above Loch Arrow.

The earth energies are stupendous. The rocks austere and black. You look across the loch to the late stone age tombs of Carrowkeel. You look the other way to the sacred earth energies of Carrowmoor, Knocknarea, Ben Bulben and the Atlantic Ocean. See:

Such powerful and healing earth energies are in the rocks of the sacred places round here.

The site of the Battle is only 35 miles from the Healing Centre and airbnb that Maggie Pashley and I run in Foxford in beautiful County Mayo in the stupendously beautiful far West of Ireland, where we offer holidays, holidays with healings, retreats and Sacred Ireland Tours.
See this video:


The Book of Invasions was written down in the Middle Ages and records the oral Druid Teaching that had been passed on from the Iron Age. The Book records how the Tuatha de Danaan were pushed out of Ireland where they had their home in the Iron Age.  Although a people of commanding gifts, talents and skills, the Tuatha de Danaan were oppressed by the piratical, dark and earthy Formorians who lived on this land and its seas from even more ancient times. And so, the Tuatha could stand the oppression no longer and they departed and they spent years sailing the seas learning great skills and magical arts.

The Book of Invasions records how they then decided to return and reclaim their homeland.

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Modern DNA studies of Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age burials round here reveal from how far ancient peoples came from to make their home in Ireland – even from as far as Eastern Mediterranean, the Balkans and the southern Russian steppes. Peoples travelled great distances before modern times, and the Tuatha were no exception.
When they first returned, they fought a people called the Fir Bolg for their living space on the land of Ireland. This was the First Battle of Moytura near Cong, and the Tuatha won. However, unfortunately they found themselves more and more subject to the Formorians after their return. They were an exalted people. As with the Greeks’ Iliad and the Vedas of the Arian Indians, this was a time when ‘Gods walked the earth’. As in the Iliad, heroes had energies of divine descent. As in Tibetan Buddhism, humans were emanations of divine beings. As in the Vedas, the great God Vishnu sends Avatar after Avatar to save the Earth.

And yet the Formorians cared nothing for the divine skills, gifts and arts of the godly Tuatha de Danaan. And so, it came to pass that even the Tuatha’s great god: the magnificent generous Dagda with his cauldron of plenty, was reduced to doing manual work. The Formorians cared nothing for The Dagda’s cauldron of plenty and rebirth, nor for his harp the playing of which turns the seasons in their proper time, nor for his club one end of which dealt death, and the other end of which created life. All the Tuatha’s skills and magic and art were pearls before swine, when it came to the Formorians.

Eventually, the Tuatha de Danaan were roused to rebel and to stand up for themselves against the oppression of the Formorians.

An emanation, or incarnation, or Avatar of a new God appeared among them: Llugh. Llugh is Lord of Harvest. He is Lord of the Harvest of our Talents. He raised war against the Formorians. He asked each of the people what was his or her special talent that they would bring to the battle against darkness and ignorance, the gross Formorians. Each answered Llugh in turn, and so the battle was joined, on this high mountain plateau.

And before it was joined the great Morrigan gave assurance of victory. Standing each foot astride the river Unshin that flows from Loch Arrow to the Atlantic Ocean beside Carrowmore, she mated with the Dagda, the Good God, as she does every Samhain, and so the people were assured victory by the union of Sacred feminine and Sacred Masculine.
The Battle took place. Llugh slew the evil Balor the leader of the Formorians, and the Tuatha had their place on the face of the Earth.

However, their reign was not to last long. A race called The Milesians arrived from Spain. The Tuatha decided that their special gifts were not to be appreciated by humans. And so, the Tuath went inside the fairy mounds and barrows, there to wait.

And with W B Yeats and Lady Gregory, the Celtic Revival began, and now more and more people are able to see the special art and greatness, the magic and the special spark of the great Tuatha Danaan Gods, Goddess and people – and so this group came to vision quest the earth energies in this high place, to meet the Gods and Goddesses of the Tuatha de Danaan in vision, to sing their heart song self.

My worldwide Druid Forest School courses use vision work to learn about and contact the Gods and Goddesses of the Tuatha de Danaan.
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My Druid Forest School Courses offer worldwide support in crafting celebration of the great Festivals of the sacred year of the ancient Irish. And like this group, you can journey to the most ancient of the sacred sites of the ancient Irish that throng all within an hour of here.

Join us in becoming the special spark of a man or a woman you were born to be. Through vision work, become your hero, your Heart Song Self.

I look forward to working with you,

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