croagh-patrick-rolling-sunThe questions Ogham Journeying raise accurately challenge me.  Ogham journeying is a type of Rorschach Test revealing values, ideals and conflict – it takes well trained eyes to sort out epiphanies!

The Dagda is the Irish equivalent to the Roman and Greek gods Bacchus and Dionysus who rejoice in “excess” which is difficult to justify in today’s waste-filled and starving world.  My focus of sustenance is strength, beauty, spirit, vision and inspiration.

I’d find easier identification with Irish gods who are less driven by consumption and perhaps more egalitarian warrior.

I feel conflicted about Druidism as I wonder if its path is too primitive for modern society but I remain open to the possibility it could challenge us to higher consciousness.

I wanted to share a half-dream vision:  I wasn’t fully awake when an image of a heavily knotted rope dangled before me.  The rope was attached to the ledge of a mountain thousands of feet above.  I clung to the rope half-way up the mountain dazed by the breath-taking view.  I was compelled to climb and each time I stopped to take in the view I was pushed to go higher.  I reached the top of the rope and exerted all of my strength to hoist onto the ledge.  You approached greeting “you made it!”  There was a gathering in the distance – Maggie and others were celebrating.  When I fully awakened, I wondered if this was Croagh Mountain and if you had indeed reclaimed it.

How do you intend to take back Croagh Patrick?  How can others help this mission?

By the way, I’m on page 224 of Druid so I’m not certain how or if Finn and Aislinn reclaim the mountain.

(Ah – you’ll have to get to the end of the Novel!)

These are the first of a series of Blog postings on the issues we all do well to consider on following the Druid Path as part of our journey to Enlightenment. We would appreciate and welcome a kind and caring, intelligent and mutually respectful exploration of these issues, as we develop The Druid Forest School: .

These very worthwhile points are all made from Anne Lee in Washington State, USA.

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