Celebrate the Festivals of the ancient Irish with The Druid Forest School.

in this worldwide caring course, you are helped to prepare for the Festivals, and we share and discuss how your celebration of the Festival went: what vision, healing and power was achieved!

These Festivals are immensely powerful representations and gateways into the natural rhythms – and connection to our ideal self.

If we celebrate them authentically and creatively in the way that is right for us each as an individual, they contribute greatly to our lives with power, healing and fulfillment of who we were born to become.

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From at least as early as the Bronze Age, our ancestors felt great significance in the turning of the seasons, their link to the fertility of the land and the connection of the rhythm of the Earth to the astronomical dates. They put stupendous effort into constructing monuments with exact astronomical alignments. They felt it was of crucial importance to be one with the great cycles of energy of the stars, the Sun and the Moon.

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The modern West has received the practice of the Eight Great Festivals of the Year. And of course, there are also important local alignments as well such as The Bohea Stone and Croagh Patrick Mountain, and also the winter solstice alignment to that Mountain from Kill Dangan.

Make your own personal, honest and authentic understanding of the festivals. You can study them through either, or both of the course modules:
Module 5: The Fire Festivals and/or
Module 6: The Solstice and Equinox Festivals.

Develop your own genuine personal and enriching understanding and practice.

Enable their true flame to grow in our hearts and minds so we can express and speak our vision and truth.

How deeply you study the material is up to you. You may want to ‘keep it simple’ or you may wish to pursue great learning. What really matters is that your life is enriched and made more vital and connected, successful and loving and inspired.
Let’s share connection to the great cycles of the Earth and the Heavens.

We share the deep wisdom of the many facets of the Druid mystical practice of the ancient Irish and their sacred heritage.

We share visionary connection to the Goddesses and Gods of the ancient Irish.

And we share genuine and powerful visionary and energetic connection to the sacred energies of the Land, the waters, the rocks and the trees, and ancient sacred energies held in place there – energies which can so help humanity.

When you have completed a piece of work, you email me how you got on. I then reply to you and we hold discussion.
Maggie and I also run a Healing Centre in the West of Ireland with linked airbnb, so you can come to this sacred land in person as well:

The Festivals course is divided into two modules: the first is The Fire Festivals and the second is Solstices and Equinoxes.
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