Runes Course Format:

For each Rune, I will send your two audios: Presentation and Journey, and you then send me your report, and I reply, indeed often with reference to your western astrology (psychodynamic and evolutionary astrology) and also your Vedic Astrology (which is orientated to Destiny and incarnational life purpose statement).


The second sound file is a guided trance or vision journey to shamanic drumming that talks you through your approach to that Rune. To listen to the sound files and do the journey, we suggest that you compose yourself in an uninterrupted place, calm your mind and then work with these sound files. But the big aim is for you to come to your own understanding of the meaning of each Rune. By the way, you don’t at all need to just use our drumming journey if you wish to go on to do your own journey. Maybe just listen to our drumming journey once then do your own. Or of course you may prefer always to use our drumming journey – it is up to you.

You follow this Rune Course at your own chosen pace:

Do the course in your own time. A few people work with more than one rune a week. Often the pace is one rune study per week. But often people need to take their own time and allow space to incorporate the healing and empowerment and so have no fixed schedule for their rune work. 

Rune Stance

Additionally, as part of the work you do before sending your report, it is a huge bonus if you use Rune Stance and Galdr (Rune Chant) to develop your understanding of and connection with each rune, and I send you the materials for doing that. Basically rune stance is where we stand with our body in the shape of the Rune. This way we physically experience the energy flow of the rune. This way our mind feels the Rune more powerfully. I will email you some drawings of a few rune stance positions, but these are just the inspiration and system of the artist, so don’t in any way feel bound by these suggestions, but obviously you can develop your own postures. 

Rune Chant (Galdr)

A rune chant or Galdr is where we endlessly tone the name of the rune we are working with, ideally when we are doing Rune Stance. I do think it is usually best to be in rune stance when we are doing this. As we intone the cadences of the rune’s name its energy permeates our consciousness and the Rune applies itself to the issues in our life. Galdr is so beautiful and powerful. It can free us of bodily-held depressive or negative attitude and liberate us.

Sacred Space

 I do suggest that you would do well want to create sacred space around you before you do this magical work and also close that sacred space after you have completed your work. Some people create sacred space by calling the quarters, or you can do this by mentally or physically casting a focus-circle around you, a spiritual protected place for your mind. And you should close that sacred space at the end of your work.

Gods and Goddesses of the Norse

In addition, I am always really enthusiastic if we work to meet the Gods and Goddesses of the Norse and the Vanir during our journey through the runes. I offer this at no extra charge through information presentation, then sending you an audio journey for you to meet them and then share your report/discussion with me. This is deep understanding of what we are to understand is the true meaning of the god or goddess for us personally in our lives. It can be life-changingly powerful if you learn more about Norse culture or the Norse Gods and Goddesses during this time and read translations of the sagas and the myths. Try to bring this into your work. Welcome to the wonderful world of Odin, the Norns, Freya, Heimdall and Tir. Additional to doing this as part of your Runes Course you can do healing/empowerment sessions to meet these Gods and Goddesses through vision journey. For more information on the Gods and Goddess of the ancient Norse and the Vanir, please see my dedicated website page. 

Past Life Journey

Past Life Journey: I also find that when we study a rune and do rune stance and Galdr, frequently issues are identified in the way we feel or stand, that have their roots in scripts from past life. Or you may see past life type incidents. These may greatly affect the way you hold your body in the rune stance. These may greatly affect the way the life area of each rune manifest in your consciousness, in your destiny, in your life. Working with the past life can be a big part of the healing of the way that particular Rune is manifesting in our life. For this reason, there is an add on Past Life Journey Course:
Past Life Journey Page

Magical Will Course

And it is often the case that we may decide we must make an act of Magical Will to bring about an expression of the True Me rather than an imposed damaged me that rune work can reveal. For that reason, I also have an add on Magical Will Course: Magical Will Course Page

Transformation and Healing

There’s little point studying the Runes unless you use the study to identify your strengths and weaknesses and use the runes to heal your life and become the person of skill, talents and beauty you were born to be this time. Learn to develop and apply your magical Will.
You should use the Runes to identify what talent you were born to express this life time, and to develop them. You need to recognise these as part of your sovereignty and you need to defend your sovereignty.
You should also use the Runes to identify clearly the wounds and blocks and your negative scripts that you were born to work with and heal this life time – and then do healing and empowerment work. If necessary, cut cords.
We can work transformationally with the runes, what might be called magic, so as to bring in needed change.
Over and over again, I have seen what it is to use the runes positively, even in the case of the more challenging runes like Hagalaz, Nauthiz and Isa.

Art work

I strongly suggest you do art work: first drawing the challenges in a very quick ten minute sketch (though you can do a fuller picture of course) and then drawing what the ‘healed you’ could look like. Such lightning sketches during rune sessions need only take five or ten minutes!  Please do send me photos or copies of your art work, so we can discuss.


It is so healing and empowering to embody the perception the rune work has gifted you with. For example, you can first embody the wounded you; then, after some rune work, you can embody the healed you. The effect of embodiment is vast! This is quite different from Rune stance by the way. Let me know how you got on with this: how you felt while doing it, and what the effect was afterwards. Again, please do send me photos or copies of your art work, so we can discuss.

Healing modalities

The perceptions you gain through your rune work can also be magnificently used by then applying healing modalities to them. Don’t stick in the miserable realisation that in your case Fehu means you were born into miserable value scripts; use a healing modality working with me or my partner Maggie Pashley to heal that challenging life script! Remember, our soul chose the challenges we have in our life in order to be given the opportunity to grow!

Rune Set

People often like to carve each rune as they work their way through this course, for example I usually do this on sawn segments of a thin branch of a chosen tree (say diameter 12 – and do keep the bark on the sawn segment) You can simply draw each rune on the segment with a biro, or you can use a thermal pen (pyro pen) to engrave the rune deeper and maybe colour it in.
And later on, we can create bind runes where we draw or carve combinations of runes for desired effects. See:

And You can make a Bind Rune

Last but totally not least, you can make a Bind Rune. You chose the runes you identify that you particulalry now need to transform yourself and your future, or create a new situation, or defend an existing situation. I love making them on cross-sections of trunks of trees. But your chosen Runes can be draw them on any surface material, and you can make them into talismans and pendants. See:


How to enrol on the course

So, when you pay to enrol using the payment button on the Home Page or in my Shopify shop, please email me telling me you have enrolled, and enclosing your astrological natal data (Place, date and time of birth and present location; if you are unsure as to time of birth, tell me what you do know). Also, it would be helpful if you would let me know how you heard about me and my work as this helps my hard-working webmaster do his job. On receiving your email, I will prepare your astrology charts and report, and email them to you together with material for course start and as regards my replying, please do note that Maggie and I always have Sunday and Monday as our weekly two days off.


What happens when You start the course

And when you receive your Course Start Email, you receive: 
a. The ‘Runes Course Start’ document
b. A very simplified sheet of Rune Meanings.
c. Excerpts from The Havamal.
d. Excerpts from my novel: Rune Magic (available on Amazon).
e. Some diagrams about Rune Stance.
f. A note on the three Aetts
g. My Rune Start YouTube video Links
h. Four Sound Files: Four Sound Files by share invitation link to my Drive, including Fehu Presentation and Journey.
i. Your astrology charts in western and Vedic Astrology