As we walk upon this sacred land we are connecting to the presence of Danu the Great Mother Goddess of the Tuatha de Danaan.  Our land sings the songs of her nature – our nature. We will be connecting to the presence of Danu in the land around us, and as an aspect of each of us, through guided creative visualisation, song and reflection. We will draw on the inspirations we find in our meditative explorations to create images of Danu which reflect our own unique connection with the Goddess to keep inspire and treasure.

You are warmly invited to attend. Contact Claire Louise Knifton

00353 877847149


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You are invited to this unique and special healing weekend retreat that runs from Aug 23 at 6 PM – Aug 25 at 4 PM, and is going to be held at The White Hall, Keash, nr Ballymote, Co. Sligo, in the beautiful, mystical West of Ireland.
There’s also a vision journey to meet Great Goddess Danu in the nearby Megalithic Tombs of Carrowkeel, plus a meditation visit to the famous Caves of Kesh. There’s Clearing work: clearing blocks to your greatness and your receiving, there’s Family Constellation and dance work, therapeutic artwork and deep and powerful sound healing.
Meet Great Goddess Danu, Mother of the Tuatha De Danaan. Experience the sacred energy of the Mother. Heal wounds to Mothering. Share in the inspired, magical and creative energy of her People.

We will also work with our ancestral lineage, inviting healing for any entanglements affecting us now, clearing blocks to receiving this.
Contact Claire Louise Knifton to book your place.

Your hosts are:

Claire-Louise Knifton Co-Director of VitalDevelopment VitalDanza Ireland, Energy worker, Facilitator and clairvoyant, more detail on website
Claire will be doing family constellation work and dance.

Maggie Pashley, Healer and wise woman of
Maggie will be doing healing work on ‘Blocks to receiving’.

Michael Conneely Western and Vedic Astrologer and teacher
Michael will be offering a vision journey to meet Great Goddess Danu in the Megalithic Tomb at Carrowkeel.

Michael and Maggie offer Sacred West of Ireland Tours with their Druid Forest School at:

Tracey Jean Yappa, member of the Order of Bards , Ovates and Druids, Artist and creative facilitator. Tatty will be working with art therapy, and art as a way of remembering and working through the experience.

Andy Tyler White will be facilitating our wonderful restorative Sound Bath,
Andy offers wonderful sound healings.