Druid Retreats in the West of Ireland, W B Yeats and The Celtic Revival

west-coast-keeperHave a Druid Retreat in the West of Ireland with the Druid Forest School.

Visit the many sacred sites within an hour of our Healing Centre in Foxford County Mayo with its fantastic accomodation.
Experience and learn the spiritual pathways of the ancient Irish Druids.

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Visit the many sacred sites within an hour of our Healing Centre in Foxford County Mayo with its fantastic accomodation.

I really had a sense of the greatness of Yeats as I stood by his grave. I was moved. We honour the memory of William Butler Yeats who with Lady Gregory brought the Celtic Revival that began to put the Irish back in touch with the ancient glories and their Goddesses and Gods.

The Irish had been brought so low by oppression, famine and mass emigration, but W B Yeats opened the portal for us to again receive the special divine path of the Gods and Goddesses, the Druids and the Tuatha de Danaan, the Ogham: The Celtic Tree Alphabet, the Festivals. We owe so much to W B Yeats. And his poetry of the Irish inspiration is such a force and power in our lives.

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

So, how can you share in the visionary inspiring and caring work of the Druid Forest School?

Well, one way is to do the work of the beautiful and caringly taught worldwide on line Duid Courses.
Wherever you are in the world you can join us in our inspired course.
We have students in USA, UK, Germany, Turkey, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Australia, Latvia, Russia, Germany and others.

A second way is that you book in at the fantastic accommodation in Foxford, Co Mayo, Ireland through the airbnb website and book one or more retreat Sessions in addition. Please note that our Retreat Sessions for our Foxford airbnb guests are all at SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICES.

Go on our Foxford airbnb Retreats page and have a look! Choose the retreat session that speaks to you. And then you use the Shopify buttons to book for for the Retreat sessions you are drawn to.

So: you can combine these retreat sessions with your holiday in Ireland!

Have a Holiday AND a Retreat – both in the utter beauty of the landscape of the West of Ireland, all within an hour of us, the homely towns and the utterly inspired music and the culture: and Mayo is the adventure capital of Ireland.

And you can also contact us to book Sacred tours to Carrowkeel, Carrowmoor, Rathcroghan, the site of the Second Battle of Moytura and Croagh Patrick Mountain.

Make your stay at our Healing Centre with our airbnb a healing holiday!

Here’s just some of the Druid path and other related Earth Spirituality Retreat sessions you can book:

Shamanic Session: For example: Shamanic Journeying, Power Animal work, Soul Retrieval, Spiritual Intrusions Healing, Soul renewal by working with Fort Holders. £35
(Group Sessions available)
Irish Druid Path: For Example: Visionary Contact with one of the Goddesses and Gods of the ancient Irish, The four sacred weapons of the Tuatha Dé Danann, The Cauldron’s of Poesy. £35
(Group Sessions available)
Ogham (The Celtic Tree Alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids): Work with a tree energy that will have special healing or empowerment for you, for example Oak (Strength), Hazel (Inspiration), Alder (Prophecy), Rowan (Faerie energy). £35
(Group Sessions available)
Ogham Session includes making a talisman £50
(Group Sessions available)
Runes (The mystical alphabet of the ancient Norse and other Germanic peoples of Northern Europe): Work with a Rune that will have special healing or empowerment for you, for example Fehu the Rune of Value or Uruz the Rune of Strength. Session Includes Rune Stance and Rune Chant £35
(Group Sessions available)
Runes Session includes making a talisman £50
(Group Sessions available)

We do look forward to greeting you at our airbnb accomodation in Ireland. We do look forward to working with you in our visionary, healing and empowering retreat sessions. We do look forward to taking you on the deep spiritual experiences of our sacred Ireland tours in our area.

Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley