In Michael Conneely’s vision journey to connect with ‘Freya and Odr,’ in the Druid Forest School’s Freya Course, you get to experience Freya’s meeting with Odin on the summer solstice.

It is a meeting between Freya and her husband Odr, as a couple newly in love.

The profound love she has for him comes through as a strong force of nature.

Together they are invincible, powerful as Sun and Earth in an everlasting dance between the seasons. This is my interpretation of the meeting between the two lovers during the hour of the dawn of the summer solstice.

You see the rays as the Sun rises in the East.

Its the union of these two lovers and at the same time the Love between mother Earth and Sun as they unite during summersolstice.

In swedish it is called sommar sol ståndet. Whish is revealing, as Stånd is errection.

As they meet, you see the crops ripening.

You see the rising light, energy and inspiration radiating from her husband Odr.

Freya is out of her self with Joy to be with Odr again. She simply throws her falconcloak to the grownd and jumps in his arms… that was what I wanted to depict.

What Freya feels in her husband’s arms is the strength and peace that brings forth farming and harvest.

Loved by her husband, and with her powers of knowing and magic, Freya smiles on those who defend the peace and their homes and their enjoyment of wealth.

Its the union of these two lovers and at the same time the Love between mother earth and Sun as they unite during summersolstice with the light of the Sun and the security and beauty of the Earth.

As a woman, you can become Freya. As a man you can become Odr when you experience the Solstice and when you stand before this painting.

She validates the Masculine. He worships the Feminine

The Power Couple.

Frida Widlund deeply studies the spiritual power and great gifts of the Norse Gods. She is an Artist and Shamanic Healer living in Sweden.

As an artist, Frida has produced beautiful pictures of these Gods and Goddesses.

In this deeply wise and perceptive Blog Post, the first of five Posts about wondrous Goddess Freya, Frida talks about Freya, especially focusing on her energy-gift of Love, Beauty and Sexuality.

You can see Frida Widlund’s wonderful Norse spiritual art for sale worldwide online at The Druid Forest School website, based in Ireland:

Here Frida Widlund opens doorways to perceiving and understanding