Meet Great Goddess Freya ​- Michael Conneely’s Vision Course


Freya is eternal. Ogiginally, She was a Goddess of the Vanir. The Norse fought the Vanir when they arrived in the Northern Lands. The Vanir were a people rooted to the earth and noted for their wealth and gold and their reverence for Fertility. They were deities of Earth and Sea.
In the end a truce was called, whereupon hostages were exchanged, and in that exchange of hostages, the Norse Goddess, Freya, came along with the hostages, to live with the Aesir Gods in Asgard. Her brother Frey was actually one of the hostages.
There, Freya’s power grew and She ended up practising Seithr magic with Odin. Seithr was a shamanic combination of sexual magic and divination. In fact, both the Norse and the Vanir adopted shamanic practices from the local indigenous peoples, such as the Sami and the Yakut.

Freya is a Venus-type Goddess of love and beauty, sexuality, war and gold/wealth.
Freya means Lady, Frey means Lord.
Freya is also known as:

Syr = sow
Mardoll = Sea Bright
Vanadis = Goddess of the Vanir
Gefn = Giver.
Horn = Flax (a measure of wealth in Iceland).

N.B. Also spelt Freyja.
As Goddess of wealth, Freya has the priceless necklace Brisingamen. She slept with the four dwarves who made it so as to get possession of it.
Although Freya does not go to the Battlefields, and is never described as carrying a weapon, Freya is also linked to War and Death. This is becasue half of the dead fallen on the battlefield go to Freya at her great Hall called Folkvangar. Faithful wives and lovers also go to Freya’s Hall when they die.
Freya is also Goddess of magic. She is described as going from house to house giving prophecies, chanting and rituals.
Freya has shamanic dimensions: She has power animals: She has a chariot that is pulled by two cats called Bygul and Trjegul (Bee-gold and Tree-gold. Tree god is amber). She rides the boar, Gullinbursti, who has golden bristles. Gillinbursti’s golden bristles glow when she rides him at night. Gillinbursti is also associated with a boar called Hildisvini (Battle Boar). Freya has a Falcon feather cloak. When she wore it she could shamanically travel wherever she needed, shape-shifting and travelling between worlds.
Freya is also Priestess of Sacrifice, as Ynglinga saga recounts.

Freya module 1: Freya and Odr


​Freya Module 1 provides background information plus an audio vision journey: Freya and Odr.
You make a vision journey to meet Freya, to connect with the love she bears for her husband Odr, how they are beautiful and connected to the Sun and the Earth and the seasons. You may feel you will benefit from several journeys. You send me a report of each journey, often including art work or a poem. Changes in your life may be indicated. I respond to each report, also drawing on insights from your Western and Vedic Astrology. We walk this path together..

Freya module 2: Freya Mead Cup Bearer


​Freya Module 2 provides background information plus an audio vision journey: Freya Mead Cup Bearer.
The aim of this audio journey is to do work on a difficult situation in your life, so as to perceive its divine nature and meaning for you, so as to become the Spiritual Warrior for the future in dealing with this situation, and to thus merit receiving Freya’s Reward to you.
The aim of this journey is to now bring to mind a situation where you need to grow, to work with that situation, and then to meet Great Goddess Freya and receive your reward. Your earned reward is a drink from the Mead Cup: the Mead Horn of which she is Bearer. And the gift of her Mead is Bliss and Divine Connection.
We tap into a deep and ancient spirituality here: Priests drinking the sacred Soma drink mixed with mead; Haoma: the divine plant in Zoroastrianism and Persian culture; in Eleusis, the use of the psychotropic Kykeon drink in death and rebirth rituals before the Goddesses Demeter, and Persephone/Kore; in ancient Ireland: The drinking of the mead of Goddess Medb, Maeve, the Ancient Irish Goddess of Sovereignty – a key part of a king’s inauguration ceremony in ancient Ireland. All these great beings are portals to connecting to the Divine Light, and arming you with that knowledge, to proceed to the next step of your Journey.

Having completed modules 1 and 2, you can then purchase three further modules to Meet Great God Goddess Freya:

Module 3. Freya’s Power Animals

Module 4. Freya and Seithr

Module 5. Freya and Brisingamen

For details of how these vision courses to Meet the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Norse work, see my Gods and Goddesses of The Ancient Norse Page.

As we correspond about your course work, I refer to your astrology for guidance (both your Vedic Astrology and also your Western psychodynamic and Evolutionary Astrology).
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