Being a shaman, Freja knows everything about journeys between different realms.

She knows ways to improve the outcome from these experiences.

One way to reach an altered state of consciousness is with help from specific substances found in plants.

With her insight in the plant kingdom and its chemistry she is the obvious bearer of the cup with “the mead”.

This potent mead can help you approach a state, that once in it, you would believe that it being nothing less than The Gods’ sacred consciousness.

This is the indescribable clear light of Truth. I do not know if this is so, but many have travelled and returned and given witness of such a state being possible.

Freya knows that all the substances active in entering an altered state of consciousness are within our own bodies.

But being able to activate them demands a lot from you as a human being. For most it would mean lifestyle with a certain kind of diet and lots of other rules of conduct for this to work. To expect this from everybody is not realistic. And considering that these journeys can be vital for someone to heal both on a physical and a psychic level, it can be so worth it to turn to the mead for making this possible.

So even though not pure enough you can go on a lifechanging journey this way. It is not completely harmless though and without Freya assisting it can be dangerous.

As one can imagine, Odin isn’t the kind of man living a life as an ascetic, he needed the shortcut in form of the plant medicine. But Freya refused to just give him the mead. He had to work hard for it, and in the end, he came out as a very cunning person in the flora and fauna. The precious knowledge, how to use the right plants, how much and in what combinations and proportions, this Freya taught Odin.

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 The Norse people travel North to the northern lands they were led by their warrior magician God, the leader of the Aesir Gods, Odin.

On the way, Odin tranced for nine days and nights in the branches of the World Tree and seized the magic of the Runes.

When the Norse arrive at their destination, they found the shamanic earth-based people, the Vanir living there.

The Norse fought the Vanir, but Odin became ensorcelled by Freya’s sex magic and Seithr – and the Norse and Vanir Gods and people, and their spiritual insights merged.

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