Frida Widlund deeply studies the spiritual power and great gifts of the Norse Gods. She is an Artist and Shamanic Healer living in Denmark.

As an artist, Frida has produced beautiful pictures of these Gods and Goddesses.

In this deeply wise and perceptive series of blog Posts, Frida writes the second of five Posts about wondrous Goddess Freya: Frida shares her awareness of Freya’s energies and their connection with nature.

You can see Frida Widlund’s wonderful Norse spiritual art for sale worldwide online at The Druid Forest School website, based in Ireland:

– and she has for sale a picture which expresses her insight as to Freya’s contact with nature.

Goddess Freja is one with nature, meaning she knows close to everything about the cause and ending of all things.

As she is very insightful in the laws of physics in this earthly realm, she also knows the unseen part of the plant-, animal-, mineral kingdom that is also part of its existence.

Just as we are both here in this world, a part of us, a part of our soul, is always at that other place where we origin from.

This is the place to where our souls travel during sleep when we dream.

She is a portal between the earthly and the etheric realms.

Her ability to connect to the core nature of everything, its divine spark, its soul essence, proves her true Godlike nature.

It was this meditation and vision work that drew me to paint my picture: Freya Tree Spirit, my picture of Freya connecting to a tree spirit, Freya who is one with Nature.

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