There is such beauty and power to be gained by Meeting the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish. Just looking at the first three of these for whom we have so far developed vision journeys, there are Great Goddess Danu, there is The Dagda and there is The Morrigan.

Meet Great Goddess Danu

Meet The Morrigan

Meet The Dagda

Danu is the Mother of the Tuatha De Danaan, a Goddess with the most ancient roots.

And we found there is great healing for wounds to our own mothering when we met Great Goddess Danu. Each God or Goddess is a facet of the ultimate divine, a face of the divine – this was their power; this is their power now! and we were surprised at the vibrancy and life-giving power of Great Goddess Danu. She is deeply ancient. She is Mother of a whole race of Gods and humans. Her face is full of ecstasy and assertion, forceful, determined, totally full of verve; expressive! And She sends Her children forth. She is full of endless nurture of Her children. She is utterly merciful and life-giving. She holds out her hands forcefully, manifesting power and life, palms out-facing.

​The Dagda is Chief God of The Tuatha De Danaan.

The Tuatha De Danaan returned to Ireland in the Iron Age, maybe 500 BC, with a mission from the Gods to return to Ireland to restore Ireland to the original purity of the Gods’ intention when they created the World. They had lived in Ireland before, but were driven out by the exploitation of the Formorians. Now they return with their mission, having learned much magic and craft skill on their great voyagings of exile. The Dagda’s sacred weapons are:
His Cauldron of Plenty
His Club which gives life or death
His Harp which governs the turning of the Seasons.
In our Journeying work, we gain an image of this great and virile Lord of Sun Energy, magic, sexuality, Harvest, the plentiful Giver, He who holds the gift of Life or Death for you. He who upholds rightness and order as the Seasons turn, and the Sun is upheld in the Heavens.
Good God, All-Father, Lord of Great Knowledge, Red Eye of the Sun, skilled in many areas: warrior, artisan, magician, omniscient ruler. The Dagda’s Cauldron is a healing vessel, capable of re­storing the dead to life, capable of restoring those who have Forgotten to the needed memory of Who they Are, capable of restoring the inert to new vibrant magical spiritual and physical living. The Dagda’s cauldron is called Undry and it was bottomless; no man leaves it unsatisfied. It is akin to the later-evolving Grail: the ultimately precious Cup kept in the otherworldly Grail Castle, a very spiri­tual place, often very difficult to find.

The Morrigan is all-seeing watchful ethical Goddess, bestower of Sovereignty.

The Morrigan is Bestower of Victory, Goddess of prophecy, fierce and loving Protector. And she is also a shape-shifter including practice of animal transformations, appearing in the air, land and water. The Morrigan is also a Goddess of Magic: she promises to deprive the enemy leader of his blood and his testicles; more mundane weapons are not for her! In essence, the Morrigan equates to the Dark Goddesses of Indo-European tradition, such as Kali and Niritti: uncompromising deities of crucial truth for our life: they give Revelation for spiritual enlightenment. Fertility, destruction, rebirth and life-purpose – these are key gifts of the Dark Goddesses, given to those who develop the needed Perception, who go beyond their own ego characteristics, who become the ethical Spiritual Warrior.

Each God or Goddess of the ancient Irish, when properly understood and approached, is a connection to the Divine Light, to the Ultimate Divine. Each God or Goddess is on the very threshold of the Sacred – a most wonderful and unique filter through whom we can connect to the Divine; a guidance that we can magically and powerfully embrace.
With Him or Her, we have a chance to move beyond our personal blocks and limiting individual egoic stuff that has been put there from our karmas, our family and our social conditioning, and to become our magical higher potential.
When we start to work with a God or Goddess, we are so often operating in the prison of our blocks and denials and limitations – our conditioning, maybe unaware of all the different bits of our personality. But as we learn the light and the awesome power of each of these Gods or Goddesses, we are given the opportunity in this lifetime to now walk our full, true, beautiful incarnational destiny path, this time.
These Druid Forest School Meet the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Irish course are not about myopic reconstruction from medieval manuscripts or later cultures, though the manuscripts are of course a wonderful guide if properly handled. But they were written down much later than when the Irish people were actually in divine contact with these great beings.
On these course, you can study the epics, the manuscripts and hear how these great beings, the Gods and the Goddesses of the ancient Irish actually incarnated in the Iron Age when the Tuatha De Danaan came back to Ireland, after the exile of their vast voyagings and deep magical learning, when they had a mission to pursue: to restore the land. They are Gods who had a special ideal for the purity of the land of Ireland, a purity formed when the world was created, but a beauty later sullied by the misrule of the Formorians.

They are Gods and Goddesses of such very special skill and vibrant beauty, and they conquered the Formorians, but, later, when the Milesians invaded Ireland, the Tuatha De Danaan despaired of ever being able to live according to their special skills and magics, without having to endlessly fight, and so, they retreated to the Hollow Hills, there to wait: there to wait until humanity was again ready to hear their special message.

They are Gods and Goddesses of such very special skill and vibrant beauty, and they conquered the Formorians, but, later, when the Milesians invaded Ireland, the Tuatha De Danaan despaired of ever being able to live according to their special skills and magics, without having to endlessly fight, and so, they retreated to the Hollow Hills, there to wait: there to wait until humanity was again ready to hear their special message.

With the coming of W B Yeats and Lady Gregory and others, and with the coming of the Celtic Revival, on the sacred landscape here near Sligo in the West of Ireland, a hundred years ago, the divine beauty and qualities of the Tuatha De Danaan were seen once again. The door to connecting to them was reopened a tiny crack.

But Now: Now is the time to bring these great beings more fully into human contact and appreciation. Now is the time to open the door, open the portal to connect fully to the Gods and the Goddess of the Tuatha widely and receive their gifts. The World is more ready, now. The world really needs the divine connection, now.

We see the Iron Age Gods as ‘Avatars’.

​Avatars are incarnations of a facet of the divine into human form. An incarnation sent to walk the earth for a time, just like for the Greeks in The Iliad; or for the Hindus in the Bhagavad Gita where Lord Krishna appears to Arjuna, but also manifesting as Cosmic Krishna; or just like for Tibetan Buddhists: Avalokiteshvara, God of Universal Compassion – and also just like: yes – just like the Gods and Goddesses of the Tuatha De Danaan.

How are these Courses developing?

We have so far developed our first three courses:

1) Meet Great Goddess Danu

2) Meet The Morrigan and

3) Meet The Dagda Course.

Indeed each of these first three Start course contins a steadily growing number of moduels in response to the requests of the students who have so far been studying these courses.
The entire series will hopefully eventually encompass up to twenty great Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish:
The Dagda, The Morrigan, Great Goddess Danu, Bridget, Llugh, Angus Og, Midir, Etain, Manannan, Ogma, Boann, Bel, Aine, Corra meets Saint Patrick, Nuada, The Healer Gods: Dian Cecht, Miach and Airmid, Crom, Goibniu and Donn.

How do these vision courses to meet a God or Goddess of the ancient Irish work?

Quite simply, you read the presentation material we send you. You do your own favourite reading.
You then use the audios we send you to do your own individual vision journeys to meet the God or Goddess.
After each journey, you then send us a report about what happened on your journey, including sketches of the beings you see and other visions you might have and we then discuss this.
We then draw on your Western psychodynamic and evolutionary Astrology, as well as your Vedic astrology, for deep and valuable guidance, as we work through the course, and I email back to you.

The whole emphasis is on identifying and shattering blocks which hold us back, demolishing the ‘concrete prisons in the mind’ that limit us: conditioning we need to leave behind, magical transformation we now need to make!!!
This work is about: Wound Healing Now!!!
There’s many opportunities for Magical work – magical clearing and transformation Now!!!
Vision Now!!!
Revolution Now!!!