Meet the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Norse –  Worldwide Vision Courses

I teach two courses to Meet the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Norse:

Meet the Great God Odin

Meet Great Goddess Freya

​How do these vision courses to meet a God or Goddess of the ancient Norse work?


Each God or Goddess when properly understood and approached, is a connection to the Divine Light, a guidance that we can embrace, a facet of the Divine. We seek to let our own consciousness connect with and be flooded by the Divine.

Quite simply, you read the presentation material I send you. You do your own favourite reading.
You then use the audios I send you to do your own individual vision journey to meet the God or Goddess.

You then send me a report about what happened on your journey, including sketches of the beings you see and other visions you might have and we then discuss this.
I then draw on your Western psychodynamic and evolutionary Astrology, as well as your Vedic astrology for guidance, as we work through the course, and I email back to you.

And as a very special bonus, at an extra charge, you have the additional option of a live face to face vision journey on Zoom, which cross-refer to your astrology. You can have as many as you like. People always find them magical, beautiful and empowering.

When enrolling for the course, please email me telling me what course you have paid for, and also sending me your astrological natal data (place, date and time of birth, plus your present location, and tell me the email address you want us to use for the course).

To Buy your Course, please Email me: Michael Conneely at
I will then send you a PayPal payment request in the sum of 160 Euros
Please confirm your booking by separate email, letting us know which email address you wish to use for correspondence.

We work together to meet and understand these Gods and Goddesses as faces of the Eternal, as gateways to the Divine Consciousness, as magical visionary gateways to the Divine Light, which we all so need in our lives.
What we can reconstruct of the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Norse from the medieval manuscripts is useful.
But we must not get trapped in a reconstruction made from a later culture, or from a lower state of awareness, or from a situation of spiritual loss that most often in no way does justice to the Gods.
We must be careful not to imprison ourselves by something medieval or modern, that is based on a manuscript that was written down much later than when the Norse people were actually in divine contact with these great beings.
​What we aim to do in these vision journeys, is to encounter the true vastness of a God or Goddess, who is a portal to the Divine.
In fact, the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Norse are actually a rich fusion of the Gods of the Norse people who invaded the Northern Lands, with a pantheon similar to that of the ancient Greeks or the Vedic Gods, but the spiritual pathway was immeasurably enriched because (after a bitter war) The Norse pantheon merges with the Gods and the Godesses of the Vanir whom the Norse conquered: the Vanir Gods being far more elemental and rooted in Earth, Sky and Sea, see my webpage on this. And the whole union was then taken powerfully into the shamanic realms as well from the teachings of the indigenous Sami and Yakut tribes.
So, if we succeed in Meeting these beautiful, wonderful, powerful Gods and Goddesses through vision meetings, noble understanding, empowerment, healing and visionary development will be ours.
Our sense of self and our actions are transformed after we truly face and enter into relationship with one of the Gods or Goddesses of the ancient Norse.
​To do this is totally consciousness-changing. It is magnificent. It is life-changing.