Come to the ‘Healing with Great Goddess Danu’ event, here in the sacred West of Ireland, offered by Claire Louise Knifton near Sligo, August 23rd to 25th, 2019.

The centre theme is to contact and work with and receive from Great Goddess Danu, Mother of the Tuatha De Danaan Gods and their people.

Experience the real power of what Mothering actually is, as a facet of Divine love and creation.

Heal any wounds to your own experience of Mothering.

Experience the fullness of who you are when freed from any damage from Mothering.

I am doing a vision journey to meet Goddess Danu in the Megalithic Tomb of Carrowkeel, Claire is doing Family Constellation work and Dance. Maggie is clearing Blocks to Receiving. Tatty is doing art therapy. There’s also most wonderful Sound Healing by Andy Tyler-White. I’ve had four of his sound healings, and they really did bring big steps of change in my life.

This blog focusses on the BIG QUESTION: do you have any BLOCKS TO RECEIVING? If so, how can you heal those blocks? Maggie Pashley will be offering Healing on this issue during the August Healing with Great Goddess Danu’ event.

Here’s some words from Maggie and also a video from her on this topic:

Freeing up Creativity and Magic with Future Life Progression:

Have you ever had an issue that won’t go away, which puzzles you and holds you back? Sometimes it can come from somewhere we don’t expect and would not uncover simply by talking about it or even by working energetically on the body sensations experienced. In FLP (Future Life Progression) we can often find the key to unlocking that old door of limitation in a Past Life or even down our ancestral line.

In the video below I give examples of a couple of people who felt held back in their self-expression, one of them in terms of creativity and connection to his own magic and intuition and the other with regard to speaking in public about his healing modalities. Both of them found release by accessing and dissolving old memories using FLP and letting the unconscious guide them to what needed to be healed and let go of. And then with FLP we can also go out into the future and really see the new choices we have without those old shackles. If you’d like to know more visit my webpage

See Maggie’s Video:

The weekend runs from Aug 23 at 6 PM – Aug 25 at 4 PM, at The White Hall, Keash, nr Ballymote, Co. Sligo, in the beautiful, mystical West of Ireland. Here you are invited to Journey to Meet Great Goddess Danu, Mother of the Tuatha De Danaan. Experience the sacred energy of the Mother. Heal wounds to Mothering. Share in the energy of her People. We also work with our ancestral lineage inviting healing for any entanglements affecting us now, clearing blocks to receiving.
We take a sacred guided tour to the megalithic site of Carrowkeel to meet the great Goddess Danu.
We relax afterwards, with a beautiful Soundbath. And on Sunday morning take a silent mindful walk to Keash caves for personal contemplation and recalibration of our life’s journey creating a unique and personal totem of Danu through connection to this sacred landscape.

For more details and how to book, see the information at the top of my Druid Forest School Tours Page:

Included in the retreat fee are 2 dinners and lunches, all refreshments, workshops, tours and other activities, a full schedule of the retreat will be provided.

To Book:
Earlybird until 1st July is €275 payable via the link above, bank transfer is also available.
Full price after 1st July is €325 payable by €75 deposit to book your place now and balance of €250 due by 1st August,
There are just 15 places available on this retreat.
Refund policy
Earlybird refundable until 1st July less 20% admin fee.
Full fee, deposit non-refundable and balance non-refundable after 1st August.
Enquiries to Claire 0877847149 (From outside Ireland: +353 877847149
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