Great Goddess Danu is the Mother of the Tuatha De Danaan, a Goddess with the most ancient roots.

We found there is great healing for wounds to our own mothering when we met Great Goddess Danu.

​Each God or Goddess is a facet of the ultimate divine, a face of the divine. This was their power. This is their power now! And we were surprised at the vibrancy and life-giving power of Great Goddess Danu.

Danu is deeply ancient. She is Mother of a whole race of Gods and humans.

Her face is full of ecstasy and assertion, forceful, determined, totally full of verve; expressive!

And She sends Her children forth. She is full of endless nurture of Her children. She is utterly merciful and life-giving. She holds out her hands forcefully, manifesting power and life, palms out-facing.

She sends Her children forth onto their personal path, understanding that they are individuals, each with a special talent and special purpose giving them her divine love and ethics, and unconditional support thus allowing us to fully step into who we are as unique souls..Talented and powerful in our own special way. She is full of endless divine nurture of Her children. She is utterly merciful and life-giving. She holds out her hands forcefully, manifesting power and life, palms out-facing.

She is the embodiment of the principals of divine parenting and has an endless amount to teach us and assist us with. Not only healing our childhood wounds, but also parenting with divine principals as well. Allowing us to understand, love and accept our children and their personal individual purpose and nature. Healing broken bonds between parent and child. Assisting us as parents who give their children what they as individuals need to grow up whole and complete and successfully achieve their individual life purpose for this lifetime.

Danu is the first. She is The Great Mother of Ireland, and much older than that. Danu is the deeply ancient Goddess in the lands the peoples who came to Ireland in the Neolithic and Iron Age originated from: originally, Anatolia and the Middle East.

Great rivers are named after her: The Danube and the Dnieper. She is the rising waters of Inspiration. She is the wells that sustain humanity and animals.

Her very nature embodies what it is to be a Mother. And she is an Earth Goddess, associated with nurturing and fertility, growth and plenty, abundance and cultivation. The famous Paps of Anu in County Kerry are named after her: her breasts within the Land, used to feed the Gods as well.

As River Goddess, Danu epitomises the magic of Divine Flow, the clearing of stagnant energy, the removal of blockages, the creation of fruition. She connects us to Divine Source, and the loving force of this Mother of the Gods, impels us to manifest our special spark and destiny.

She is Purity of Purpose, beauty and Fruition. She calls us to our Worth and to our Sovereignty. She is our Heritage.

Danu’s energy is at its highest at Imbolc
Lughnasadh is the combination of the Harvest she has nurtured and supported.

Your Danu Course:

Your Danu course includes your western and Vedic Astrology and can encompass:

1. Danu Clear Appearance: Strength in mothering, complete with an audio journey recorded in the Carrowkeel megalithic Tombs.

2. Danu Divine Parenting Journey

3. Danu Healing Childhood Wounds 1

4. Danu Healing Childhood Wounds 2

5. Danu Healing the Divine Connection between Parent and Child

6. Danu Healing Wounds in Child

How do these vision courses to meet a God or Goddess of the ancient Irish work?

This is not your “run of the mills” study course: This is a course which not just study based, but personally tailored to you to identify areas of needed healing, to heal them with laser accuracy through vision contact with the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Irish and is designed to promote personalized spiritual growth and healing that is specific to you. The whole emphasis is on identifying and shattering blocks which hold us back, and ‘concrete prisons in the mind’ that limit us: conditioning we need to leave behind, magical transformation we now need to make. Allowing us to move forward onto our path stronger, more capable and with an unshakeable sense of purpose and direction.

When you enrol for one of these ever-growing series of courses to Meet the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Irish, you receive a number of wonderful presentation and independant vision journey audios with supporting background documents. You also receive your Western Psychodynamic and Evolutionary Astrology chart and your Vedic Astrology chart which accurately states your incarnational life purpose. You correspond with us about your experiences and we discuss them as you progress through each phase and journey. We cross refer to your personal Astrology charts so as to guide and thereby setting your progress toward healing, understanding and directing you towards your personal Incarnational Life Purpose in the present lifetime.

Quite simply, you read the presentation material we send you. You do your own favourite reading.
You then use the audios we send you to do your own individual vision journey to meet the God or Goddess.
You then send me a report about what happened on your journey, including sketches of the beings you see and other visions you might have, and we then discuss this.
We then draw on your Western psychodynamic and evolutionary Astrology, as well as your Vedic astrology for deep and valuable guidance, as we work through the course, and I email back to you.
And as a very special bonus, at an extra charge, you have the additional option of a live face to face vision journey on Zoom, about your Danu course, which can also cross-refer to your astrology. You can have as many as you like. People always find them magical and revivifying, beautiful and empowering.

Pay to Enrol:

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NOTE: As I also refer to your astrology for guidance as we correspond about your course work, please therefore email me telling me that you have enrolled, telling me which Course, and also giving me your astrological natal data (place, date and time of birth, plus present location). When stating the date of birth, please put the month in words not numbers. When expressing time of birth, please use the 24 hr clock. ​Also, please tell me what email address you want to use for us to correspond about this course.