Dear Friends,
You are very happily invited to a celebration of the Festival of Lammas on the land near Ilkley. The Festival will be led by earth spirituality priestess and visionary artist Magda Nel Wenek. Please assemble at the Cow and Calf Car Park on Monday July 30th at 6pm. Bring food to share and cook on the fire maybe. This replaces the celebration of sacred sweat lodge and of the Festival of Lammas planned for Sunday 22nd July which has had to be cancelled as the land near Hebden Bridge is waterlogged, and there is a lot of quite awesome storm damage.

Magda powerfully connects to the Earth and creates vision and music, so she will intuit the energies of the land and the season in her own way, but the energies of this ancient Festival of Northern Europe, also called Lughnasadh, is essentially the beginning of the time of harvest. So the question is: what are we now harvesting? What harvest do we need and want to bring in?

The days are shortening; now, the summer is passing and giving way to autumn! The Festival of Lughnasadh is also associated with sacrifice as well as harvest: the midsummer King who married the Goddess and took responsibility for the land, now heads towards his eventual winter and to the shining isle. We sometimes have to sacrifice in order to build and sustain. We have to consent to sacrifice sometimes, and it is our consent that creates, because the gods are moved by a willing gift. It is the turning of the wheel: Summer is leaving; the light force is lessening.

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