It is such healing, empowerment and beauty to learn the runes.

I have been teaching this worldwide course for many years, both to individuals and groups, and I can promise you the power and insight you can gain is immense.

The sequence of the Rune alphabet is spiritual genius. We start with the first rune: Fehu, the rune of value. This is because if we do not adequately value ourself then we are in for all sorts of trouble, and we must heal and empower that.

The second rune is Uruz, the rune of strength: are we strong enough for our journey? If not: then we must decide what to do to heal this situation or again, we won’t get far!

The third rune is Thurisaz: can we adequately defend ourselves?
You see the wisdom!


The runes are gateways to power, healing and beauty. They are divinely inspired. They come in three groups or Aetts: the first Aett is all about what it is to be a successful human being. The second Aett is all about how to turn misfortune and disaster into our growth and power; how to deal with cataclysm or difficulty. And the third rune group shows us how to become one with the Gods, how to become divine spiritual warriors.

The course works very simply. I send you two audios per rune. One audio is a presentation as to how the rune has been anciently understood. The other audio is a guided journey so you can work out how you fare with the life area of that rune. Then you email me how you got on and we work out what to do about it.

As wonderful beauty, there’s Rune Stance as well – and there’s Rune Chant or Galdr.

And we can meet the great goddesses and gods of the ancient Norse: Odin, Freya and Tir and more.  On my father’s side my heredity and DNA comes from the Baltic Coast and includes the blood of Yakut tribesmen, the ancient people who followed a shamanic life-style, living by hunting and fishing on the Northern polar coastline

99% of students do my course distance worldwide, but if you can get to our Healing Centre in the West of Ireland, well: you can do one of the runes face to face, or even do all the runes her if you can make the journey.

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I look forward to working with you