rune dragonSome people ask me what would be the ideal rate to learn the meaning of the Runes when they are following my Rune Path worldwide distance learning course:

Basically students are sent two sound files for each Rune they study: the first sound file describes how the Rune has been understood historically; the second is a journey to trance drumming where you learn what the rune means in a deep sense for you personally. You also do Rune Stance and Galdr (chanting the rune’s name).

So the first Rune, Fehu, causes you to look within your self and your life and discover how issues of value are running in your life and destiny. The second Rune, Uruz causes you to examine how the issue of strength runs in the different parts of your life, and so on.

I do think that working with each rune one after the other at a fast pace would be a very bad idea and damaging for you.

The reason I say this, is that each rune is a key to deep self-awareness. And the awareness gained from any one journey needs to be deepened.

And we need to develop a sense of the level of enlightenment we are bringing as we delve deeper into the rune’s mysteries.

Although we do have breakthrough realisations and intuitions, authentic truth takes time to be unearthed. Our wounding and our hurt and our assumptions, our limits of awareness – all these need time to become apparent.

Also the runes are a facet of The Sacred and must be treated with reverence.

My Runes distance learning course give you every opportunity to develop your sensitivity and powers of visualisation. You develop your potential as a visionary worker with the runes.

But you must not rush this, or you will be superficial or driven, and this will not honour the immense value of the spiritual weapon you have picked up and are wielding.

For example, when you are working with the first rune, Fehu, if you discovered you find wealth a challenge, and if you realised you wanted to change your relationship with it, it would help you if you felt willing to define in an email back to me what the nature of the challenge is, what vision you have of how you would relate to it after this work, what clearing and what shift occurred during the rune journey, during the rune stance and Galdr. This experience is exceptional and wonderful.

But we must not rush this sacred task. You will do very well at it if you give each rune the dignity it demands. And then you will genuinely be placed to help and heal others as well.

I feel fortunate to be working with my Rune Path students, and I do look forward to hearing how each got on with their Rune Journeys. I will sense the right pace to move from rune to rune. And there are also exercises in between some like for example, visionary contact with a God like Odin.

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