croagh-patrick-rolling-sunOgham Course
I invite you to enrol on my Ogham Course.
You do a journey to shamanic drumming for each of the tree energies that are the Ogham Alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids. Journey.
The first four journeys are over this world (Middle Earth): Alder, Holly, Broom and Heather. You are sent cosmology maps and sound files to enable you to make the journeys and experience these gateways to wider visionary Celtic awareness.
I then send you the map to give you the next set of cosmologies, journeys 5 – 8, where you travel down the four paths that lead to the Underworlds, but do not enter the underworld yet in these. And so on. And so the course progresses.
On these journeys you also encounter the Celtic Otherworld beings and the four great weapons of the Tuatha de Danaan.

You also provide me with your astrological natal data (date, place and time of birth), and I share with you the extra perceptions offered by your western and Vedic astrology as your Ogham awareness progresses.