Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

It is such a joy to work with students learning the Ogham.

The Ogham is the alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids. Its main set of correspondences for each letter is the Trees: the deep physical, healing and mystical energy of trees.  It also links to the Otherworlds of the Celtic Irish and to the ancient Gods and Goddesses of their culture.

Learn the Ogham: I have students all over the world and their work can be very different to reflect the different spiritual quest of each student. But each student’s report on their journey to connect with the energy of one tree after another is healing and inspiring to read.

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The reports are all so different. But here are a couple of realisations received by a student in Spain (expressing herself in English language) who was journeying through the Celtic Otherwords from her Divine Center where every Ogham journey starts and ends: she was journeying to reach the energy of the beautiful and fay alder and rowan trees:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirst Alder Tree: ‘The mist of the alder grove clung to my eyes as I walked past through the Northeast watchtower and I wondered if this reflects that I must not rely on my outer senses for the responsibility to be the sole vehicle for the analysis of the inner me. I felt I was not rightly using my unphysical senses to interpret the world, and thus deceiving myself in the process.’

ogham rowan berriesLater on, Rowan Tree: ‘The lady I encountered was almost too bright to be looked at, even if veiled. I stood in awe before her. The mirrors of her deep eyes were deceptively shallow, and I found myself entrapped into her stare for what seemed like the longest of time, until I felt laid bare and lighter, somewhat dizzy and disoriented, almost carried out by a breeze, letting go of what unneeded anchors I had built for myself, those items that I first felt were essential in defining who I am when surrounded by others. I floated back to the swamp, whirling around, but steering into the right direction even if I let go, back to the cave that is my divine centre, seeing it evolve as the entrance becomes grander, welcoming more light into its core.’

Think of it: there’s also the very different energies of Oak and Holly: these have such different energies from Rowan, for example, and we need all these presences in our life and all the other trees.

Ogham Alder nutsAnother student thoroughly researched the studies of the Alder tree on many levels. Here is a fascinating excerpt from her extensive work:
‘Alder helps you face up to the things you’ve been avoiding. It also was believed that Alder allowed access into the faery realms. Alder tree essence is invigorating, and it also reduces nervousness and anxiety. Alder roots enrich the soil, and its timber resists decay. When immersed in water it hardens to the toughness of stone.
Because it was the source of fine strongly colored dyes, it was associated with the art of fabric making and the Goddesses of spinning. Alder reminds us of the need to blend strength and courage with generosity of spirit and compassion.’

The Ogham is a most powerful and beautiful tool for personal growth and spiritual understanding. I have learned so much about states of consciousness and life values from the Ogham. It has been so very beautiful to connect with the trees in their wild and natural settings. In fact each letter of the Celtic Ogham alphabet can also be used for healing and empowerment.
For each Ogham letter you receive an audio recording download with information about the letter and the relevant tree, any relevant spiritual weapon, pathway and beings, plus a second audiofile which is a guided meditation with opportunity for trance drumming and chanting and divination.

You can either use our drumming journey, or you can branch out from this and proceed to use your own drumming.

You then correspond with myself as guide, friend and counsellor as your personal spiritual and life-journey progresses, helped through the trees and mystical Celtic Otherworlds.
This correspondence is completely personal and individual to you. The Course is Certificated.

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