Michael burnsall crop bestLearn the nature-based subtle wisdom and empowering vision of the Ogham Alphabet.
I teach the Ogham Alphabet of the ancient Irish Druid through its correspondences to the trees. Trees were deeply revered wisdom to the ancient Irish See my course which is part of the Druid Forest School:


The course is taught by my sending you two audio-files for each Ogham tree letter: the first is a presentation of the tree energy; the second is a journey for you to make your own intuitive contact with the energy of that tree-letter.

You then email me your account of your journey and we discuss it.
Indeed, as a special bonus, the course is also undertaken with reference to the insight offered by your natal and current predictive western and Vedic Astrology.

Thus the course is not at all taught with any time-frame in mind. The goal is achieving excellence of the experience, excellence of connection, excellence of utterance, rather than any time table.

People are not advised to study more that an Ogham letter per week, though, as it definitely  takes time for the energy to assimilate with anyone – even in the most foundation way.

The first step is to establish your Divine Centre, your special place of being, where each journey will begin and end, so you start off with a sound file being sent to you to help you do this.

The order of study is that determined by pathways stretching out across the three worlds of ancient Irish cosmology.

Celtic three worlds 2In other words, you start with the Ogham tree letters for the four pathways that radiate out from your Divine Centre in the centre of this world, which was called Bith or ‘Middle Earth’.

But progressively you extend to the tree letters for the pathways leading to the realms of the Upper World (Magh Mor) and also the realms of the Lower World (Tir Andomain), and ultimately to the letters for journeying across the Upper World and the Lower World

The first four tree journeys, are therefore the journeys across Bith, or ‘Middle Earth’.

The first of these is the third letter: 3. Fern or Alder which runs across Bith, Middle Earth, from the Centre to the NE, between Blath in the East and Cath in the North. This is Journey 1. Learn the spiritual dimensions of Alder Tree Wisdom.

Journey 2 is the very different energy of the 8th Ogham letter: Tinne or Holly. This runs through Bith or Middle Earth from the Centre to the SE between Seis in the South and Blath in the East.

The third journey is letter 13. This is Ngetal or Broom, whose pathway runs across Bith from the Centre to the SW between Fis and Seis.

The final tree journey to run solely across middle earth is that to encounter the divine energy of the 18th Ogham letter: Ur or Heather

And jumping to the very end of the course, as you might expect the very final journey is to encounter the death and rebirth energy of the 20th tree letter: Idad, the Yew, whose pathway runs across the Upperworld from the Centre to the NW between Sen Magh (The realm of the Old) and Magh Findargat (the Plain of White Silver, light). This is the final journey: Journey 20

After each of your Ogham Journeys, you correspond with me telling me how you fared, and we discuss your experience and its authentic meaning in your life.

What you will meet on your ogham journeys is not just the inspirational wisdom of the trees, for example you also encounter the four sacred weapons of the Tuatha de Danaan: The sword, the spear, the cauldron and the stone of Fal: deep lessons to be learned in finding and handing each!

So, I hope this helps explain my Ogham Course, and I greatly look forward to hearing from you and working with you