Meet Your True Self

I believe there is a True You which you incarnated this time for you to achieve, as well as also working to make good any negative scripts from the past. Indeed, there is an akashic record which holds the details of our past lives, and offers sense of a blueprint of whom we were born to become and achieve in this life.

My Magical Will Course has 4 Modules. It starts with meeting your True Self through vision work, and then the further modules offer ways of sustaining and building the connection to your True Self, including through any testing period that may follow.

Why have I created this Magical Will Course?

Recently, I have been gifted two experiences of contacting the ‘healed me’, my True Self, the first experience through vision, then the second experience through feeling energies from rocks in sacred places in the West of Ireland where I live.

I felt these two experiences were intense and powerfully healing, in respect of my own life issues. Unless we heal these sorts of wounds, then we will be held back from the full expression of the accomplishment we incarnated to express.

Module 1 Vision Creation

So, for Module 1: Vision Creation, you read the presentation document, then listen to the audio for module 1 and do the Journey it talks you through: the Vision Creation Journey.

You do the journey and then let me know how you got on. I reply to you, cross-referring to insights from your Vedic and also Western psychodynamic and evolutionary astrology, and at that point I send you module 2.

Follow-up Moduels:

We then go on to do the needed work to amplify and sustain this vision connection in the follow-up modules. These are:


Module 2: Creating a Sigil

Module 3: Creating and using a Wand

Module 4: Experiencing healing Earth Energies

Past Lives

Optional Extra Module 5: Completing Past Life journey or journeys. I send you an audio. You do the journey. You share your results with me. I reply having cross-referred to your astrology. See details of my Past Life Course here.

Astrological Contribution


Vedic Astrology has immense offering to this process, just as one example, it has a Divisional Chart (Varga Chart) for each area of our life. The Varga Chart about our ‘accomplishments in this life’ is the D24 Chaturvimshamsha. My D24 chart is all about the creation of beauty, but held back by weakness and a wound to value. Fear. As another example, Vedic Astrology, when used for Incarnational Life Purpose and Destiny declares the impact of past lives and the thrust of our incarnational goals this time.

Western Astrology when used psychotherapeutically offers definition of our psychological self, out subpersonalities, our nature v. nurture issues. And when used for Evolutionary Astrology declares the psychological impact of past lives.

The Effects of being Cut-off from our True Self


If we have been denied or oppressed, by our parents, family, religion, culture or society, we will feel cut off from knowledge of, and connection to, our True Self.

And if we have been cut off from connection to our true self, we will be cut off also from our Inspiration and from God.

More than that we will be cut off from our Body, from the Earth and from the created Universe.

In consequence, we will live our earlier years (but hopefully not all of our life) in denial. And we will feel unacknowledged shame about that.

And this cut-offness, can manifest as inauthentic talk, rage, hurtfulness to others, self-harming scripts, scapegoating, denial, deception, relationships failure, being the glove that fits others’ hands (or by compensation: the inflated self), falseness and embracing unreal energies/pathways that we think will sustain us.

But we may die inside. We may be denied the fruits of our talents, accomplishments and the fruits of our efforts. We will be denied beauty and the enjoyment of fulfilment.

Inside we will be left to grieve with ashes, desolation, addictions. We might pass out the pain to others. We may have false friends and enemies.

We might act out our Shadow, indeed in ways that may be hidden by us and unacknowledged.

Our Shadow


If we are to manifest spiritual victory on the Battlefield of Life, we have to systematically tear shreds of our ego-conditioning away. This hard process we must face if we are to lighten the density that still resides within our DNA, in any dysfunctional upbringing that we may have had, and in the matter and substance of everything that exists around us.

When we enact our Shadow, we have the capacity to cause havoc and ruin, the results of which can last lifetimes, and this kernel of destruction lies deeply buried in our shadow. We have to learn to see how our Shadow takes over in ourself – and heal this.

The Course Aim


And so, this Magical Will Course seeks to develop connection to our True Self, and to ways of sustaining that connection and keeping it alive.

The Course aim is to use vision and magical will and skills to put ourselves and our life into connection to beauty, energy, health and connection to our True Self, genuine connection to others, and to the Earth and the universe, the cosmos. The course aims to offer methods to sustain that connection, to avoid loss of that connection, to avoid your vision and inspiration trickling through your fingers into the desert sands.

Art Work

It can be of great value to draw or paint your visions. It’s crucial. What you draw or paint can be the creation of a great milestone and starting off point in your healing journey.

Losing the Magic!

It is commonplace experience that one can make wonderful start visualisation and feel enthused and healed, and then the mind can re-start obsessing on damage done to one, or the mind can lapse into lack of confidence, depression or even a bit of catastrophising.

Pace of Work

There is no set time for the modules of the magical will course, but it is very good to keep up pace and momentum, so allowing one or two weeks for each module is the ideal.
Note that the work can lead to you doing repeats, further study and add-ons etc. And there are many further magical methods that you might find useful as well..

To enrol on your Magical Will Course: 

Please Email me: Michael Conneely at
I will then send you a PayPal payment request in the sum of 160 Euros
Please confirm your booking by separate email, letting us know which email address you wish to use for correspondence.

NOTE: As we also refer to your astrology for guidance we correspond about your course work, please therefore email us telling me that you have enrolled, telling us which Course, and also giving us your astrological natal data (place, date and time of birth, plus present location). When stating the date of birth, please put the month in words not numbers. When expressing time of birth, please use the 24 hr clock. ​Also, please tell me what email address you want to use for us to correspond about this course.

And as a very special bonus, at an extra charge, you have the additional option of a live face to face vision journey on Zoom, which cross-refer to your astrology. You can have as many as you like. People always find them magical, beautiful and empowering.

I look forward to working with you.