Book on to our Sacred West of Ireland Tour to the Battlefield of Moytura overlooking beautiful mystical Loch Arrow in County Sligo in the West of Ireland to be held on Friday 28th June 2019.


We climb to the Battlefield itself, where the Tuatha De Danaan fought and beat the Formorians. (not a difficult climb: there is a path. Wear suitable shoes. Bring a raincoat just in case).


There we will do work to connect to the land energies of the site, hear about the events and spiritual meaning of the Battle, as well as vision work to meet the Gods and Goddesses of the Tuatha De Danaan there. We journey to understand the spiritual meaning of the Battle. We do work with the high energy rocks and contact the Sidhe which lies beneath the Eglone Stone at the Centre of the Battlefield – the stone from where Llugh directed the Battle

On the way there, we w stop at the ‘Bed of The Couple’: the site of the mating of The Morrigan and The Dagda at Samhane on the eve of the battle which act confirmed sovereignty and victory for the Tuatha De Danaan.

See Lough na Suil from the Battlefield, the disappearing Lake where the Evil Eye of Balor landed when Llugh slew him: at the climax of the Battle of Moytura, the Great God Lugh destroyed the Evil Eye that was in the centre of the forehead of Balor his grandfather, the leader of the dark and twisted Formorians.

My aim is to understand the way in which the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish: The Tuatha De Danaan, have great power and beauty and spiritual and magical and healing transformation for our lives because they are a facet of the ultimate divine. They are beings dwelling on the threshold of the ultimate sacred, and thus can bring vastness to our lives now, as they did in the Iron Age and Neolithic for the people of the Goddess Danu: The Tuatha De Danaan.

I can do this tour on Friday 28th June.
There are two collection points:
For one or two persons:
I can collect you from the Riverside Hotel, Sligo, and will drive you to the Car Park below the Battlefield, and then I will also drive you back to your hotel after our vision work.

For persons with their own transport:
We rendezvous at a named place in Castel Baldwin, then you follow my car to the foot of the Battlefield.

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N.B. Also Note: If I am driving you to the Battlefield from Riverside Hotel Sligo you must let me know at the time of booking, and I will send you a PayPal request for 20 Euros to cover the drive.

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I very much look forward to meeting you and to our wonderful work,