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Do vision Journey to Meet Manannan, God of the Sea.

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Manannan Mac Lir is the Irish God of the sea. He is Lord of the Sea, beyond which lie the Land of Youth and the Islands of the Dead.

In his mist-shimmering cloak of invisibility named feth fiada, a cloak of concealment he has the power for the sorcerer to transform another into a different shape, particularly that of an animal.

Manannan teaches us of matters of illusion and protection. He has a steed called Enbarr of the Flowing Mane, who can travel over land and sea. He is Master of tricks and illusions, depths, currents and tides, using his magic to create a mist to confuse and intimidate any invaders.

Do vision Journey to Meet Manannan with Sacred West of Ireland Tours. Travel in his magical boat Scuabtuinne the Wave Sweeper. Hold the sword, Fragarach, The Answerer, that can cut through any armour, the sword where no one could ever tell a lie if it was held against one’s throat.

Filmed in Winter at the end of 2018, this Video invites you to join our Sacred West of Ireland Tours in the summer of 2019, and have Vision Meeting to Meet Manannan:

Wield the spear called Ctann Buide (Yellow Tree) and wear the breastplate which no weapon could pierce.

Manannan is the ultimate shape-shifter. He can also morph into the trickster, the churl in the drab coat.

Manannan is the Lord of the vast Ocean of our unconscious and of the collective unconscious. He calls us to travel beyond the shores of our conscious self, to lands of magic, healing and renewal. We may have to negotiate the mists and dangers of the mind. Our heart must be pure, our quest noble. Manannan is our guide.

The ancient Irish Druid cosmology was one of Land, Sea and Sky. The realm of Manannan is the Sea.
For details of this tour held on the Atlantic Coast of the mystical far West of Ireland,

Visit H. Aughris Head and Journey with Manannan God of the Sea.