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Morrigan Warrior Initiation Journey inside Oweynagat Cave with Michael Conneely and The Druid Forest School: 

Welcome to our Sacred West of Ireland Tours.

Meet The Morrigan, the Battle Goddess of the ancient Irish, of the Tuatha De Danaan. Meet Her with Sacred West of Ireland Tours.
Her energy centre is here at Oweynagat Cave, also known as the Cave of Cruachan. Share in our Vision Journey here.
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This cave was also a site of initiation for young men and women to become Iron Age warriors.
We do vision journey from the special point of view of ourselves becoming the Spiritual Warrior.

The Morrigan is the ethical Goddess who confirms sovereignty and who requires that we recognise Her correctly.
She embodies the need in human life to perceive correctly the true spiritual nature of the battlefields in our life, and that we respond to them by fulfilling our high spiritual potential to become the Spiritual Warrior.
She can confer Victory and Sovereignty to those who are ethical.
We hear about the young teenage super-warrior Cuchulainn, whom The Morrigan loved for his martial powers and courage. But unfortunately, Cuchulainn kept failing to recognise The Morrigan in her meetings with him, and he kept failing to recognise the true nature of the battlefields, and so he died. But She loved him, and so, a shape-shifter as well as a war goddess, in the form of a crow, she perched on the standing stone to which he had lashed himself as he was dying, so that he would die nobly and upright.
Victory of the Tuatha De Danaan was assured over the dark and twisted Formorians by the Sacred Union: The Mating of The Morrigan and The Dagda before the Second Battlefield of Moytura.
The Morrigan is also a Shapeshifter and a Prophetess.
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Visit B: Morrigan Warrior Initiation Journey inside Oweynagat Cave


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