From Ginnungagap, Mimir arises and the World is Created – Ancient Norse Wisdom and Art from Frida Widlund

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Ginnungagap, this unfathomable realm, everything’s origin. Not possible to understand how and what this can be, other than the starting point for the strangest events to take place.

Do we know the true origin of a thought?

Is Ginnungagap a word for Gods consciousness, a void where thoughts of creation lit the spark of fire – the word for the world of fire is Muspelheim.

From fire and heat comes steam, that slowly rises and spread and at some point, cools off and Water emerges.

The void is cold – and where fire doesn’t reach, the water becomes ice. Humongous areas of ice form solid ground. The word for the world of ice is Niflheim.

Seemingly such different elements as fire and ice are in reality closely linked together, inseparable. There is a word for this union, Gods unity consciousness, it is called: Mimir.

It is more than a phenomenon; it is a primordial being!

As The Primordial Being, Mimir is the first Being with a form that one can associate with God, from an outside perspective. But, as a being, it seemingly lives and acts independently from anything else. It’s the first sovereign being.

This lured, paradoxically, Odin to perceive Mimir as a competitor, as an obstacle to be overcome. Odin failed to see the God connection. Instead of treating Mimir as an equal and a mentor and a source of boundless eternal knowledge, he tore him apart to his death.

The gigantic body of Mimir thus became the seas, the mountains, the vegetation of a world, a planet in space, home to many.

The Unity consciousness of Mimir was destroyed and became a world of duality. The word for this duality is Midgard, Middle Earth. This realm.

But of course, Unity consciousness cannot be destroyed, and as we know, Mimir never ceased to be – and he visited Odin time and time again!

You can buy the beautiful inspired Art of Frida Widlund from our Druid Forest School Website.