Mystical Energy Work Course of the Ancient Irish Druids

There are four Modules to this most valuable and powerful, occult, mystical and visionary bodywork course
During this course, we share the deep wisdom of many facets of the Druid mystical practice of the ancient Irish.
We work with their sacred heritage such as the Cauldron of Poesy, the Well of Segais and the Cup of Cormac.

This is a correspondence course.

The correspondence is supportive and is backed up with reference to both your western and your Vedic astrology. This course is completely personal and individual to you. It is visionary and magical. The Course is Certificated.
The payment you make for the course includes one free online tutor support session, and you may book further on-line tutor support sessions at any point in the course for a small additional payment.

This is a Worldwide Course to work with key practices aimed to develop transformative understanding into the path of the Ancient Irish Druids, offered by Michael Conneely and The Druid Forest School.
You are sent information sheets and an audio about each practice or topic of your choice. You thus embark on a journey of healing and empowerment and vastly develop your insight into yourself and your life.
When you have completed each piece of work, you email me how you got on. I then reply to you and we may hold discussion.
It is likely that you will need to work a number of times with some of the topics.
Where appropriate I also include in my reply information as to illumination offered by your natal or current predictive western or Vedic astrology. This is a wonderful and exceptional bonus!

Land, Sea, and Sky

Develop magical and mystical connection to the land-Sea-Sky, and Earth Energies:
You select a piece of land to work with. Maybe it has healing energies that will enter your body. Maybe it has spirits and ancestors you will work with. Maybe it needs to be healed.
​As a separate experience, by the way, see our Sacred West of Ireland Tour visits.

The Cauldrons of Poesy

This is a supreme and wonderful, healing and empowerment, bodywork meditation and ritual of the ancient Irish Druids.
It was preserved in a later surviving manuscript.

We envision three cauldrons with our body: abdomen, heart and head. These were called the Cauldrons of Poesy.

We use them to develop our good physical health, the mature and creative use of our emotions (including our most difficult emotions) and above all our Wisdom.

And when we attain our own special sort of mastery in all three of these, in all three of these areas of our life, in this incarnation, only then can we express our own especial spark of creation.

The aim of this vision work ritual is to achieve full creative expression of our special reasons for being here this time.

The Nine ‘Elements of the Self’ (Duile)

We work with the Nine ‘Elements of the Self’ (Duile) – and their levels of correspondences, a system where the human body, which is inhabited by a spiritual being or soul, is considered to be composed of nine dúile or elements.
We study the useful layers of correspondences of these nine elements of our human body, to the elements of the cosmos and cosmic order, for example: Bones to Stone, Body to Earth, Mind to The Well of Segais.
We identify the balance of the elements of fire, stone, water and air in our life and we work using Druid magic or Draíocht to heal and empower using methods including shamanic journeying, embodiment and shape-shifting.


We work together to achieve ‘Imbas’ or ‘illumination’ utilising modern adaptions of the methods of Imbas Forosnai, sudden illumination and Tarbh Feis. The crucial role of one’s ‘knowing’ or ‘Truth against the World’: ​The true meaning of reality:
​​We learn and share symbols and stories so as to develop our conclusions. We look at ancient stories like the Slaying of Miach, the Salmon of Wisdom and The Darkness of the Cailleach’s Apron, the Well of Wisdom, Airmid, and coming into one’s heart and being,
We work with key processes such as: Dichetal Do Chennaib: achieving altered state through chanting/drumming
Tenm Laida (cracking open the nuts of wisdom) to identify if a person is be-spelled or enchanted, akin to intrusions healing, Geis, imposed scripts and psychometry.
Corrguinecht (crane magic) being simultaneously in this world and an Other World.

To Enroll to work with the four modules of Mystical Work Energy, please:

Email me: Michael Conneely at
I will then send you a PayPal payment request in the sum of 160 Euros
Please confirm your booking by separate email, letting us know which email address you wish to use for correspondence.

NOTE: As I also refer to your astrology for guidance we correspond about your course work, please therefore email us telling me that you have enrolled, telling us which Course, and also giving us your astrological natal data (place, date and time of birth, plus present location). When stating the date of birth, please put the month in words not numbers. When expressing time of birth, please use the 24 hr clock. ​Also, please tell me what email address you want to use for us to correspond about this course.

And as a very special bonus, at an extra charge, you have the additional option of a live face to face vision journey on Zoom, which cross-refer to your astrology. You can have as many as you like. People always find them magical, beautiful and empowering.

I look forward to working with you.