We are so very happy to announce that a new Druid Group serving the North West of Ireland has been formed.

It is actually part of OBOD, and it’s led by Tracey Jean Yappa (or Tatty to her friends).

And we are so pleased to have been at the first ritual of the new Druid Seed Group: Samhain 2019.

We climbed to the exalted beautiful hilltop Megalithic court tomb called Deer Park, just North of Sligo, where there were moving and powerful celebrations of Samhain.

Because it was Samhain, there was deep and moving, healing work with the ancestors.

The energies of the Cailleach were present and worked with.

The Sacred Weapons brought yet again their power, meaning, beauty and presence in our lives.

It was so good to feel the high energies in these rocks. It was the high quartz-rich energies that brought these Neolithic people to build their tombs at this and so many similar sites round here, and I believe their priests enhanced the energies on these sites. Such connection with the earth and the heavens can be gained here. These places are portals.

Plus – yes: there was the all-important feast!

There’s also friendly monthly meetings: sharing on the Druid approach. They are held at Dromahair at the top end of beautiful Loch Gill. Plus celebration of the Eight Great Festivals.

If you are interested, you can contact Tracey Jean Yappa, artist and craftswoman, about the group, at traceyjeanyappa8@gmail.com

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Here’s some photos from the Samhain 2019 ritual site:


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