This Blog page features the new beautiful sacred art of Frida Widlund.

Frida’s paintings are for sale on our Rune-path web page – her Sacred Art of the great Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Norse. See:

Freya Mead Cup Bearer

Frida is a Shamaness and healer, who also makes felted wool art and rugs for babies, children and adults. She lives in Sweden and Frida also offers health care yoga, pregnancy massage and healing massage therapy.

​Frida’s paintings of the Norse Gods and Goddesses have grown out of her runes and journey work to meet the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Norse, here with us at rune-path.

Frida’s Art is also powered by her shamanic trainings with Annika Zilliacus at Svenljunga that showed her the drum’s help to travel between the worlds, get in touch with the force and meet her power animals.

This was followed by shamanic training with Jonathan Horwitz, and Asbacka Skane, enabling her to access a power that spans eons of time and strengthen her love for nature. Shamanic methods that do it in a natural way, family knowledge stored in our cellular memory and DNA.

Frida is also currently writing a wonderful illustrated guidebook about the Runes that will be published in Swedish and English language.

Frida Widlund’s wonderful illustrations are ideal for your wall or altar.

Buy Frida Widlund’s Sacred Art here:

And here are some more sample paintings from Frida:


Freya and Odr Solstice

To see more of Frida Widlund’s Art, go to: