Odin, the multifaceted one. The All father, the warrior, the magician, the knower of the occult, the skillful…. Odin who led his people north, or perhaps even returned his people westwards and let them reoccupy the northern parts of Europe and Scandinavia like in antediluvian times.

Odin, who sacrificed his one eye to Mimir’s well, to see everything that happens in the world. Odin who sacrificed his mortal self to hang upside down in the world tree Yggdrasil for nine days and nights, and who returned to life with knowledge of the magical runes. Odin whose eternal purpose was to save the Asir Gods from Fenrir during the final battle, Ragnarök.

This blog post is about my illustration of Odin the Elder. My picture shows a man in his later life whose experiences and life’s task has become a heavy burden for him. Still the most powerful of men and gods, but his long life now spanning over millennia is taking its toll on him. Despite being a god, is he starting to feel a little tired?

You can see him sitting in a trance-like state for hours and days on end, without either food or water. His ravens are now his full-fledged power animals meaning they are both fully materialized and tangible at times but are mostly invisible for the eye and operating from the underworld or some dreamtime dimension not fully graspable for humans. They travel together with Odin, and they go on journeys between the worlds that last longer and longer for each time. At times one worries that none of them will reappear again.

These are but some of the visions and meditations I had as I prepared to paint my Odin pictures which are now for sale on the Druid Forest School website.

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Frida Widlund deeply studies the spiritual power and great gifts of the Norse Gods. She is an Artist and Shamanic Healer living in Denmark.

As an artist, Frida has produced beautiful pictures of these Gods and Goddesses.

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