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In this celebration of the Spring Equinox I combine my two inheritances: My heredity on my father’s side is from the Baltic and Yakut tribesman from the North polar shore. My heredity on my mother’s side is for thousands of years from Connemara in County Galway Ireland. And in this Spring Equinox Ritual, I included a rune Journey for us to work on the issue of our self-value and self-worth, and I also included an ogham alder Journey to contact use of intuition.
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We need both these qualities of self-value and self-worth to be healed and active if, at Spring Equinox, we can indeed rise in our power and expression, aligning to the growing power and brightness of the Sun, which is what the spring Equinox is all about.

We may fail unless we increase our sense of self-worth.
We may fail if we can’t use and trust our intuition, and defend ourself if needed on the basis of our intuition.

The ogham is the mystical alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids, where the principal correspondences for each of the letters of the Ogham Alphabet are the very different energies of the trees.

See the video of my entering the Celtic Otherworlds of intuition at a celebration of the Spring Equinox by calling on the intuitive energy of ogham alder, and by seeing how to use this for defence, just as in the iron Age, shields were often made of Alder.
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGrsdXG0b0k[/embedyt]

And see my Worldwide Druid Forest School Course, with its worldwide course on the ogham at: www.druidforestschool.com

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I look forward to working with you,
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