Melisande Fitzsimons

Melisande Fitzsimons

Enroll on the Worldwide Distance Learning Course in the Ogham, the Celtic Tree Alphabet of the Ancient Irish Druids:

An Ogham Course Testimonial   on the very popular course as run by Michael Conneely

Here is an Ogham Course Testimonial from Melisande Fitzsimons who comes from Bordeaux in France:-
We now study Ogham in our healing centre in Western Ireland

‘I took the Ogham course with Michael in 2013-14 and enjoyed it thoroughly. I was sometimes puzzled by the signs and symbols I encountered on my journeys, but Michael was always supportive and enlightening in his response. I found his expertise reassuring and he was always available and easy to talk to online. His knowledge of astrology added another layer of knowledge and depth to the journeys, and gave me a wonderful perspective on the course and on my path in life in general. I would definitely recommend this course.’

Here is Melisande Fitzsimmons’ first Ogham Journey:

‘I set off from my Divine Centre and took the alder tree path this morning and this is how it went:
I started the journey on my own, and was swiftly joined by a black crow and a wolf. I then realised I had a strong staff in my hand. I went through forests, rivers, and desolate, Dartmoor-like landscapes before finally reaching Bran in a forest clearing.
He presented me with a stone, on top of which sat a frog. The frog opened its mouth and I was given the gold ring that was inside its mouth. The ring was too big so I stretched it and turned it into an arm bracelet. Bran said that I was safe and that the golden veil around my shoulders stretching all the way down to the ground was protecting me.
I said good bye, etc and then turned left to get to the stone. It was very warm and a golden colour. After placing my hands on it, I turned into a giant oak tree overlooking the sea. The crow sat in my branches and the wolf lay on my roots, keeping himself and my roots warm. It was a lovely feeling.Then I turned back into myself and the stone blessed me. I became very hot and turned a golden colour for a while.
I then retraced my steps to go back to my divine centre. The journey on the way back was a lot shorter and very diverse.
I found the journey easy to make and, as usual when I am journeying, I always encounter a lot of symbols, animals, colours, etc. The thing is that I am not sure what to make of them afterwards, what they represent and how to integrate them in my more mundane, everyday life. I struggle to bridge the 2 dimensions.
Voila! Let me know what you think when you can.


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