What is the value of knowing our Past Lives?

There is great value in encountering our past lives. It can be helpful to understand our present life. It can be helpful to identify what material surfaces from past life to be experienced and dealt with in this time. Some of our previous lives can be so inspiring to us; others can warn us of the need to undo harm or avert repetition of limiting and dark situations.

You were not born as a blank slate, but as a soul rich in many skills to build upon and traumas to learn from and heal.

Memories from past lives carry an energetic charge and they continue to affect us. These can be things left undone, left uncompleted. It can be a case of vows made. We need to know of our past life accomplishments and failures; successes and mistakes. Emotional or Karmic debts to others from past lives may dominate us (even unconsciously) in this life. We may carry guilt. There may be great wisdom we can tap into. Trauma may be running in this life. All these can
set up patterns which are triggered and can repeat in our present life, and affect our state of mind, our image of ourself, our relationships, our behaviors, our belief and motivations, our physical bodies and our health. Positive patterns from past lives can feed talents, purse, wisdom and life purpose. Negative patterns from past lives can feed destructive or compulsive behaviours and block and harm us.

Making conscious the effects of our past lives can heal conflicts and behavioural or mental scripts running in this life that we can even be consciously unaware of. These can include sexual issues, phobias, relationship scripts, panics and other scars from the past. Your past life journey can make these scripts conscious and pave the way to healing them, empowering you, and making you the person you incarnated to become in this life.

Skills or traumas can go down through generations of past lives: sicknesses, financial issues, alcohol or drugs issues, lack of confidence in past life will have its residue in this life to be dealt with, for example over-assertion, or similar lack of confidence to now be healed; blockages and bondages.

Our soul chooses each lifetime.

Who am I?

Our aim in incarnating each time is both to express the very special spark that we incarnated to achieve this lifetime, and also to experience and deal with negative scripts and events from past lives that need to be healed and transcended this time. Discover talents you possessed in past lives. Gain stronger purpose in shaping your future in this life.

Vedic Astrology and Past Life


The understanding from Vedic Astrology (which must use the Sidereal zodiac) is that our soul identifies what specific karmas will express themselves in this lifetime: easy and supportive or challenging. When we incarnate we are thrown from a start position based on our past lives, summed up by Ketu/South Node in our Vedic birth chart, across the chart to the position described by Rahu/North Node, always opposite. But the energy of Rahu is at root dark, so we will have to purify our Rahu as we travel, if we are to arrive at the destination. Each of the planets in the Vedic chart are a supreme expression fo the karmas we have to work with.

Western Astrology and Past Life


Western psychodynamic and Evolutionary Astrology (which uses the Tropical Zodiac) offers statement of our egoic psychological self, and that is partly created by experiences of past lives which will surface this time for us to deal with psychologically. The position of the Nodes of the Moon are crucial in this. Planets square the Nodes expressed an Evolutionary ‘missed step’ which we are forced to give attention to this lifetime. Each planet contains an element of past life material that will need to eb faced and understood and worked with this time.

Unlock your memories. Understand how what you were doing in a past life can influence your present life. Understand how people in this life relate to relationships and groups you were involved with in past lives.

In working with you on your Past Life Journey, I combine Western Astrology: Psychodynamic and Evolutionary, with Vedic Astrology which is more Destiny and Incarnational Life Purpose focussed. This is primarily to share with the person what may be gleaned from their natal and predictive astrology, to clarify what was seen and experienced during the Past Life Journey at this time in their life.

How to proceed:


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I will then respond, referring to your astrology.

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And also as a wonderful special bonus, at a small extra charge you can have an Astrology Reading meeting with me on zoom, which includes cross-referring to how you are doing on your course.

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