Find Your own special Power Animal

You can be helped so much if you do this for a present life situation or phase of life.

To have a power animal is such a wonderful thing. You find your Power Animal in an individual guided journey. Over your lifetime, other Power Animals may also come into your consciousness.

​Each animal has a very special unique quality and personality, and that is such a gift in your life. It’s presence in your life will be honoured forever.

Sometimes a life-phase demands that you need to have the presence of a power animal to understand it and manage it well. Sometimes a particular situation is so helped by the energetic presence and wisdom of a power animal.

Once the power animal has come into your life in the initial guided journey, you should do follow up journeys to establish the presence of the power animal and deepen your understanding and energetic connection with that power animal and its own special unique qualities.

Thereafter you can journey to meet again with your power animal at will. You can call him or her in when life phase or special situations demand it.

And the relationship can so develop that if needed, you call on your power animal, he or she is inside your consciousness instantly, without the need to do a journey.

Michael’s first power animal was the white owl: so appropriate as he was completing a five year ethnography at that time, acting as a social anthropologist, ‘watcher’ of individuals pursuing spiritual paths new to the modern west, and also re-defining themselves on sacred landscape – So, Michael was the watcher.

Since then, Michael has learned to connect and incorporate other wonderful valued power animals: such a empowering and beautifying visionary presence in one’s life.

​Frida’s Power Animal was the Hawk. Here’s the experience that Frida went through:

The inspiration for this picture came to me during a practice that we did in pairs where we learnt, or was guided how to heal another person with the help of a power animal.

First we found out what kind of problem the other one had. As for me, I told my partner I had some loss of energy due to the difficult time with an issue …And so my journey partner travelled with the drum to find the power animal I needed to help me.

He brought the power animal back and blew it in through the top of my head. My partner found a hawk and brought it back and I could feel the wings stretching out through my arms when he was entering my body.

The hawk’s message was that I need to see the bigger picture. Everything is easier when I get a bit of a distance to a situation…

Anyway, I made this picture with the hawk, when I got home. I Sent it to the person that worked with me, and he said it looked totally like the one he had seen.

To have it by my altar, makes me instantly move my mind to take in the needed big picture. And I handle a situation that is oppressing me so much better!

Step up, step out, transform, along with your own totally perfect animal guide for your present time.

Raven Power Animal

Power Animal of Great God Odin
Hawk Power Animal

Power Animal of Great God Freya

Every one of us has at least one power animal. Some of us have one or more power animals that work with us our entire life. Some of us have different power animals that come into our lives at specific times to help them with a particular lifeissue or life-lesson. Enroll for a Power Animal Retrieval on-line experience with Lia Cruse.