Rad is the Rune for a journey. Journeys must be taken in life. Try to shy away from them and we lose our life. So we need to define our destination if we can. We need to decide who we want to take with us. We need to decide the atmosphere of the journey if we can.

A journey is of course either in the material realm, or in the inner realm, or most usually, there is both the outer journey and the inner journey.

Rad is very powerful magic. Your life can change completely.

See on this Blog, the great staircase at Christ Church College, Oxford. Cardinal Wolsey, the most powerful man in England under King Henry VIII climbed this journey at die. Hear all about his failed journey in the attached YouTube Video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcNTJ-RcPJA

In the Old Norse Alphabet, the Futhark, Rad is the 5th Rune. Like each Rune it covers a special facet of our lives: what is your relationship with the Rune of Journey? Like each Rune, Rad is a magical Key to bringing in change under will about the issue of Journey in your life, and what your journey needs now to be!

The Rune Workshop will work with Rad at the Ilkley Happiness Centre on Tuesday 8thMay 2012, at 7.45pm with Michael Conneely and Hannah Bright Raven.  Contact Michael for astrology readings: birth chart, prediction and relationship, and to enrol on my courses at www.starwheel.co.uk, email Michael@starwheel.co.ukand phone: 07799296821.

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