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In this video we hear about Ragnarok, the final, dreadful battle between the beautiful majestic Aesir Gods of the ancient Norse, and the forces of chaos:


And, also, you can read all about Odin and the gifts he won for humanity in my Novel Rune Magic. It’s available on Amazon worldwide, as paperback or Kindle. In this passage, Declan, the hero of the novel, tells about the Final Battle:

‘This is the last telling of the runes,’ Declan said sadly. Mindful of their great antiquity and the sacredness of the message that they uniquely preserved, he picked up the rune tablets very carefully and reverently and gingerly unwrapped them.

‘Tomorrow morning, sadly, Magda and I must set off to find the ash tree Yggdrassil.’ Declan paused, lost for words. He reached out Magda gently and seemed really sad and obviously found difficulty and hesitation in bringing himself to say the words that they must go. Then he shook his head to free himself of the difficult emotion: ‘in this last telling,’ he told them, ‘the subject is Ragnarok, the Doom of the Gods: the end of the Nine Worlds. Perhaps in this last tablet will be revealed something of the secret of why The High One has need of me and Magda.’

The Ravens screamed and chattered and paced angrily along the beam and then stared at Declan suspiciously and warily. The family seemed rather nervous and unsure. The whole subject of the telling seemed deeply ominous and ill-omened, and made all the more horrendous by the increasing onslaught of the Fimbul Winter battering at the family’s door. The weather outside had become beyond appalling.

‘The Voluspa Saga 

‘Voluspa Saga – Part the second,’ Declan read: ‘The destruction of the worlds. The Seeress speaks:
‘War-Father Odin gave me rings and necklaces to gain my lore and my prophecy.
For I see far and wide o’er all the worlds.
‘I saw Balder the Beautiful, purest god, predestined to die: the blood-stained god: I saw the hidden fate of Odin’s son.

’High above fields there grew a plant, slender and most fair, the mistletoe.
And from that slender sprig which seemed so fair, came the fatal shaft that Hod flung.
’Would you know yet more? And what?
‘After the killing, Vali, Balder’s brother, Odin’s son, killed Hod.
And as the Law demands, Vali neither washed his hands nor combed his hair
Until Balder’s killer was borne to the funeral-fire.
Vengeance was thus gained!
But in her Hall, Balder’s mother, Frigg, weeps Valhalla’s woe.
‘Would you know yet more? And what?

‘Then did Vali twist mighty bonds. Strong fetters he made of his other brother’s guts and Loki bound.
I saw Loki bound in a grove under boiling springs, a captive.
‘There sits unhappy Sigyn, loyally by her husband.
’Would you know yet more? And what?
‘The Hell Realm opens.

From Hvergelmir, the ancient Well, east there flows,
Through valleys of venom, a cutting river called Slid, full of daggers and swords.
A hall I saw there standing on the Shore of Death:
Hel’s Hall
Far from the sun, its doors face north. Venom-drops fall down from its roof
And serpents’ spines entwine its walls. Hel’s hall is sleet-cold; her dish is hunger; Famine is her knife; Idler is her thrall; Sloven is her maidservant;
The pit of Stumbling is her threshold, by which one enters; Disease, her bed.
And on her throne, Hel reigns.
Hideous and mean, venomous and hard: her face is half corpse blue-black and half the colour of human flesh.
‘Would you know yet more? And what?
‘I saw there, wading in the frozen streams, oathbreakers and murderous outlaws.
There Hvergelmir’s dragon, Nidhogg, sucks blood from the dead and rips at Yggdrassil’s roots, causing the World Tree more anguish than men perceive
And the wolf rends men.
’Would you know yet more? And what?

‘Eastward in Jarnvid, the Ironwood, an old troll crone sits: loathsome Angrboda
And there fed Fenrir’s evil brood:
One from all of these will one day swallow the sun.
He feeds on the flesh of doomed men.
Sunlight in summer shall be black thereafter.
Then comes the icy Fimbulvetr, the last Great Winter, when the sun becomes black.

Snow shall drive from all quarters. Frosts shall be great then, and winds sharp; There shall be no virtue in the sun. Those winters shall proceed three in succession and no summer between.
’Would you know yet more? And what?

‘In that time brother shall kill brother for greed’s sake, and none shall spare father or son.
Brother will fight brother and slay each other.
Sisters’ sons will violate their sacred blood-bond, and betray their kin;
Hard it is on earth, great whoredom, axe-age, sword-age, shields are cloven.
Wind-age, wolf-age, until the world perishes. No man will then spare another.
‘Would you know yet more? And what?

‘And Fjalar, the bright red cock, crows to awaken giants and summon them to the final war against the Aesir gods
‘Then the Gjallarhorn shall sound!
‘Heimdall shall waken War-Father Odin’s warriors in high Valhalla.
Heroically, nobly, fearless, the prophecy-doomed gods shall bravely sally forth.
The Einherjar, hero-dead in the Hall of the Slain prepare for hopeless fight.
For the courage of the Hero is absolute resistance.
Perfect because it is without hope and is also utterly doomed.
‘Would you know yet more? And what?

‘The Gjallarhorn sounds loud again.
Loud shall blow Heimdall, watchman of the gods,
Guardian of the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard, raising his horn aloft.
Then ancient, towering Yggdrasil shall tremble.
The ancient Ash groans as the giants break loose -’

At this point, Frithgeir, although thirteen and striving bravely to hold back his grief, joined the youngest brothers Bragi, Ari, and Einar who had been weeping more and more as the Seeress uttered her relentless and utterly dreadful, dreadful prophecy. Its certain truth was made all the more real by the dreadful winter outside. And as Frithgeir howled inconsolably, the Ravens, too, suddenly screamed hideously and whirled down from their beam at Brosni. Brosni sprang aside to duck their ravening claws and slashing beaks and fell into Declan. And as Brosni fell, he dashed the priceless Rune Tablets to the floor, where they shattered utterly.

Everyone in the room looked horror-struck at the fragments lying on the floor.
‘You f- idiot!’ Declan cried at Brosni, ‘look what you’ve done. You’ve destroyed the tablets.’
‘It wasn’t my fault, Declan,’ Brosni cried outraged. He swung round and thumped him. ‘The Ravens did it.’
‘Oh yeaah,’ raved Declan bitterly, picking up one of the larger fragments, all of which ceased immediately and utterly and irrevocably to give off their blue glow. ‘Now we’ll never know how the worlds are going to end – or if there is a way to save them. Do you see what you’ve done Brosni. I would not have thought even you could be so f- clumsy!’
Brosni made to hit Declan again, but his father gripped his fist.
‘We might have been able to do to change the outcome if only we’d known the full details of the prophecy!’ Declan shouted. ‘Just look what you’ve done.’

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