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Learn the Magic of the Runes

The runes are the sacred alphabet of the ancient Norse.
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Your Tutor in the Runes Courses is Michael Conneely.

The Runes were the alphabet of the ancient Norse and other peoples of Northern Europe. But they are also an enduring magically powerful visionary series of Gateways to new ways of being, to ways of bringing in the change you need.

This is totally personal sacred exploration on your part, with all the support you need from me. As a very special bonus, my support includes sharing with you insights from your Western and your Vedic Astrology. 

The Runes are divided into three AEtts, or three groups of eight,

each of which declares about a different realm of human existence

and consciousness:

The first Aett, Freya’s Aett is all about what it is to be a successful human being.

The second Aett is of Heimdall the Guardian of Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge, and it is all about seeing circumstances rightly, especially adverse circumstance, so as to begin to share divine awareness and start to become the Spiritual Warrior.

The third Aett, is the Aett of Tir the War God, and is all about what it is to see the things of the world with Divine Consciousness, and Co-create to share the divine task of bringing forward your own personal evolution, the evolution of our planet. ​​

How the Rune Course works:

For each rune you receive two audios:

The first audio is a presentation.
The second audio is a vision journey audio to understand the deep meaning of that Rune – and to understand, also, how you stand in relation to the life area covered by that Rune.
There are many supporting documents as well. This is a correspondence course. We correspond in detail.

As a special bonus, we draw for guidance on your Astrology: This encompasses your Western psychodynamic and Evolutionary Astrology, as well as your Vedic astrology.

We share the results of your rune work using Rune Stance and Galdr rune chant. Rune stance is the practice of magical embodiment; we internalise the power and magic of each Rune. With Galdr, we find our Voice. ​

As an optional extra you can purchase wonderful empowering magic work teaching for any of the runes you have studied on our course, so as to enhance the magical quality of any rune in your consciousness and in your life.

​We also study Rune Divination and Rune Healing.


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Please confirm your booking by separate email, letting me know which email address you wish to use for correspondence.

NOTE: As I also refer to your astrology for guidance we correspond about your course work, please therefore email me telling me that you have enrolled, telling me which Course, and also giving me your astrological natal data (place, date and time of birth, plus present location). When stating the date of birth, please put the month in words not numbers. When expressing time of birth, please use the 24 hr clock. ​Also, please tell me what email address you want to use for us to correspond about this course.

And as a very special bonus, at a small extra charge, you have the additional option of a live face to face vision journey on Zoom, which cross-refer to your astrology. You can have as many as you like. People always find them magical, beautiful and empowering.

And also as a wonderful special bonus, at a small extra charge you can have an Astrology Reading meeting with me on zoom, which includes cross-referring to how you are doing on your course.

I look forward to working with you.