The Runes are the alphabet of the ancient Norse, and other Germanic peoples of Northern Europe. Each Rune tells us about a key facet of our life.
Each Rune is a key to deep personal transformation.
​Rune Stance and Galdr (Rune Chant) can bring deep connection with a rune and create strong personal change.
Rune Stance embodies the meaning and magic of each rune
Rune Chant finds you your voice in the life area of each rune

This course has been offered for 24 years. For each rune you receive two audios: The first audio is a presentation, and then the second audio is a vision journey audio to understand the deep meaning of that Rune, and to understand, also, how you stand in relation to the life area covered by that Rune.

​As an optional extra you can now purchase wonderful empowering magic work teaching for any of the runes you have studied on our course, so as to enhance the magical quality of any rune in your consciousness and in your life. Seize the Magic of the Runes!

There are two options:

One for runework in the normal world like summoning money with Fehu (TFehu is the first rune, the rune of our personal value issues and wealth).

The second for alignment to soul purpose. I sincerely feel that the soul purpose part should be included or let Lia work with you so that choice can be made from one or the other.
Either option will give you a base for them to do the other option later, but this would allow Lia to work with you on the key issue of your life-focus.

There’s one price for tutored magic work for students who are enrolled on our rune course.
There’s a different price for those who are not enrolled students.
To pay to enrol, go to:

Seize the Magic of the Runes!