Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

It is difficult to recommend books on the runes because most writers perceive the runes through the framework of their particular spiritual path, with both benefits and limitations of that path.

And many are fairly low-consciousness in the way they present and understand the phenomena described by each rune. And some are rather psychologically waffly.

And of course it is a matter of what speaks to you as the rune worker. And of course we change in this as our consciousness develops, so what was the ideal text at one time eventually gets shadowed and left behind.

A lot of ‘Rune Masters’ are heavily into ego and are even ‘power stealers’ and even ‘dark’, and many view the runes only through the framework of thelemic magic(k) or some strand of Neopaganism. For the definition of power stealer see my Blog posting: http://starwheel.wordpress.com/2013/10/24/the-need-to-have-and-hold-your-own-personal-power-on-the-spiritual-path/

In the worldwide distance learning Rune course I teach:  www.rune-path.com, I feel the call is to utilise the Runes as visionary powerful keys and gateways to healing, empowerment and more enlightened consciousness.

For reading I feel you could consider the following books:
Paul Rhys Mountfort – Nordic Runes
Tyriel – The Book of Secrets

Cover Rune MagicI hope this helps, and I hope you will like my visionary novel, Rune Magic by Michael Conneely, which is available on Amazon as paperback or Kindle.

Here’s a Testimonial I received about my course today:

Strangely I feel more complete, that the Runes have given me the missing piece and that I can step out with more confidence. Thank you – Fiona

The websiote for my course is www.rune-path.com

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