Come on our Tour to Aughris Head, where as a choice of the spiritual vision journeys we offer, you can choose to do Vision Meeting Manannan the Ancient Irish God of the Sea, or you can choose to experience how the four sacred elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water features in your life and if needed do healing for these: The Four Sacred Weapons of the Tuatha De Danaan

Visit H. Aughris Head and experience:
The Four Sacred Weapons of the Tuatha De Danaan
​                Journey: Meet Manannan God of the Sea.

Aughris Head is a most spectacular Atlantic beach on the Coast of County Sligo, looking on to sublime views of Ben Bulben Mountain.

Tour 1’s centrepiece is that we do vision re-enactment of the Four Sacred Weapons of the Tuath De Danaan being brought to Ireland at the time the People of the Goddess Danu returned near here to restore Ireland to the Purity that the Gods had envisioned at the time of the creation of the Earth. This was magic of the four elements that the Tuatha learned during their long voyaging of exile from Ireland, from the four Temples where they acquired these powers.

The four sacred weapons (jewels) are:
The Stone of Fal that shrieks when the rightful King of Ireland puts his foot on it. It teaches us about materiality and responsibility, and as the weapon of the North, also encompasses the deep magic of the rocks and the Cailleach, and we work also with Midir.
The Spear of Llugh, the weapon of the South, is a lightning hot Spear of the Fire of inspiration, power and fire, and we work with Llugh too.
The Sword of Nuada, the weapon of the East, embodies the element of Air, and divine powers of Discrimination, learning, writing and recording of knowledge and the mysteries.
And the Cauldron of The Dagda, embodies the element of Water and the far reaches of the West, and is the Plenty and life-renewal that the Dagda Good God ever offers, and we make contact with the magic of ebb and flow and dream vision that is the sea.

Tour 2 is vision work with Manannan, the Ancient Irish God of the Sea. Manannan is the Lord of the vast Ocean of our unconscious and of the collective unconscious. He calls us to travel beyond the shores of our conscious self, to lands of magic, healing and renewal. We may have to negotiate the mists and dangers of the mind. Our heart must be pure, our quest noble. Manannan is our guide.
The ancient Irish Druid cosmology was one of Land, Sea and Sky. The realm of Manannan is the Sea. Do vision Journey to Meet Manannan. Travel in his magical boat Scuabtuinne the Wave Sweeper. Hold the sword, Fragarach, The Answerer, that can cut through any armour, the sword where no one could ever tell a lie if it was held against one’s throat. Wield the spear called Ctann Buide (Yellow Tree); and wear the breastplate which no weapon could pierce. Manannan is the ultimate shape-shifter. He can also morph into the trickster, the churl in the drab coat.

Oh! and there’s also lovely meals at the Beach Bar at the top of the bay, as well!

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