Winter’s coming to an end and the leaves will soon be shooting in this beautiful woodland on the shore of Loch Conn in the beautiful West of Ireland. Book one of our Tours to do deep mystical work of transformation and share in the tree energies on one of our Sacred West of Ireland Tours.

The place is beautiful, the woodland is ancient, there’s organic allotments and views of mountains. And: really important, there’s a superb café as well!!
Visit F. Loch Conn Woodlands

Experience part of my Ogham Course while you are here:

Lovely woodland, stunning lakes. We walk through the beautiful native trees of the woodland near Loch Conn, with Nephin Mountain rearing high above the far shore.
And the Tour Centrepiece is that we do vision journey to meet one of the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish.
Nearby is the North mayo Genealogy Centre which has one of the best cafes in the world called ‘The Secret Garden cafe’. And indeed, the Centre does have a walled garden of exceptional beauty as well. There is a separate charge for entry to the garden, which also covers the beautiful organic allotments cared for, beyond the gardens. And a separate charge too for the beautiful museum there to of the history of this part of Mayo.

For more detail of our sacred West of Ireland Tours, see:

We look forward to meeting you and sharing with you the beautiful experience of work with the Ogham, the Trees, and one of the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish.