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This post tells you about our Tour to The Battlefield of Moytura

In this very special vision journey, we visit the site of The great Second Battlefield of Moytura. It is situated above Loch Arrow, where the Tuatha De Danaan led by the God, Llugh, defeated the Formorians led by Balor of The Evil Eye.

The Battle is described in the medieval manuscripts of Cath Maigh Tuireadh and Lebor Gabala Erenn (Book of Invasions).

Before the Battle, the Great God, Llugh called on each of the Tuatha De Danaan to name his or her special skill that they bring to the battlefield.

The Vision Work we do on the Battlefield, meets the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Irish and can include meeting Llugh.

We do Earth Energy Work at the Court Tomb on the plateau, and also at the central stone where Llugh directed the Battle. This stone is known as Sidhe Llugh or The Eglone Stone.

Loch na Seuil is visible from the Battlefield, the place where Llugh’s slingshot drove Balor’s evil eye.

Here is a video I made on the Battlefield:

As a very special bonus, included on the way to the Battlefield are two brief tour stops and meditations at:

The Bed of the Couple: where the River Unshin leaves Loch Arrow. This was where the Divine Union took place between The Morrigan The War Goddess and The Dagda The Good God, on the eve of the Battle, thus assuring ethical Sovereignty and also Victory for the Tuatha De Danaan.

Heapstone Cairn: The second visit on the way to the Battlefield is at Well of Slain, now called Heapstown Cairn: where the different healing approaches of the Healer Gods are breifly explored, meeting: Dian Cecht, Miach and Airmid.

The climb from the road to the battlefield plateau is steep, but fairly short. The weather on the plateau can occasionally be exposed. The views are sublime and utterly out of this world and vastly wide-ranging.

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