Michael ConneelySpring Equinox Sacred Weapons and Alphabets with the Druid Forest School

I want to share with you the power of the Spring Equinox Festival, and how its celebration can grow in power and richness with use of sacred weapons, ancient magical sacred alphabets and alignment to the growing brightness of the Sun.

Following Spring Equinox ritual, you can set an intention of day by day checking out: ‘am I aligning with the day by day growing power of the Sun between now and the Summer Solstice?’

To connect with the Sun is a good and healing and sacred and empowering thing to do. I look out at the Sun rising above the mountain every morning and connect with the beauties of the earth sky and sea around here.
And the point is, the ancient Irish were sharing in the growing power of the Sun from the Spring Equinox five thousand years ago too.

We celebrated Spring Equinox not only with ritual and visionary journeying, but also with a Group visiting the three great related temple/burial mounds of the ancient Irish:
Knowth which is aligned to both Equinoxes
New Grange which is aligned to the birth of the new Sun at the Winter Solstice Sunrise
Dowth Winter which is aligned to the birth of the new Sun at Solstice Sunset.
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGrsdXG0b0k[/embedyt]

You, yourself, can now align to the ever-growing light and power of the Sun. That is the key theme of Spring Equinox.

You can establish a benchmark intention of your expression of your self expanding and getting more comfortable and central as the Sun himself grows day by every day up to Summer Solstice.

You can check out if you are keeping to your intention. You can check out if you are keeping on course.

And see the wonderful worldwide courses with the Druid Forest School at: www.druidforestschool.com

Our Healing Centre and linked Airbnb in the West of Ireland is at: www.foxfordairbnb.com

I look forward to working with you

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